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#41 Postby Samurai » Mon Sep 04, 2006 7:22 pm

I've found that one of the best resources for cool Deadlands creatures and adventures is actually a supplement for Earthdawn: Horrors. (There's also somewhat of a 2nd edition called Scourge Unending, but I have no idea if it's as good as Horrors). Not every Horror is suited to the old west, but many of them can be adapted without too much trouble. (I mean adapted to the western setting, not the rules... you'll need to create your own SW stats for them) I've had the Cult of Ristul, Chantrel's Horror, and others appear in my Deadlands games, and they always evoke a great sense of "Holy cow, what IS this thing???" from the PCs! :1cool:

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#42 Postby OJ » Wed Oct 18, 2006 10:19 pm

My favorite source for monsters is the GURPS book "Creatures of the Night".

I also get alot of character inspiration from DC comics' "Big Book of the Weird West".

"Wild West Tech" on the History Channel is another good resource.

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#43 Postby discuit » Sun Jan 07, 2007 7:18 pm

This is just a quick adventure for a night when you are feeling lazy as a Marshal and the posse needs to find a town to hunker down for a few days rest.

God's Chosen

The posse enters a small town (at sunset of course!) in the middle of nowhere (aren't they all ;)) and the first thing they see is a set of gallows with fresh body's hanging from them, and right next to the gallows can be seen the church. Unlike the rest of the town however the church is rather well kept and opulent. The only noise/sound the posse can hear/see is coming from the saloon, but unlike most saloons it aint honky tonk coming from the bar, it's good 'ol cristian hymns with all the town folk sing song'n along! Great, surely a god fearing town would be a good, safe place to rest your weary head? Not in the Weird West my friend! :jack:

Well it turns out that the town leader Mah Bookers (you know, fat, firendly, homely looking) who is also the towns preacher, aint such a friendly lady after all! :1eek:

Unfortunately for the posse this town aint no ordinary cristian town, Mah Bookers is a preacher of doom, and she has got the townsfolk (not all of whom are bad people at heart) all riled up about the coming of days and a rain of fire, that they will do anything she tells them in order to get to heavens gate. The even worse news for the players is that she don't like strangers in town that may bring her unquestioned rule (and cosey little lifestyle) to an end. To this end she manages to turn the entire town against the posse by telling them that there is a "darkness" about the newcomers, and that they are devils tools etc etc. She also arranges for them to be taken captive one fine night whilst they sleep (a zealot filled rigged, jeering trial in the church can take place if any of the players are caught) and then have them hung asap! :(

So how does it end i hear you ask?

Well this can play out many ways;

- Maybe the players will catch on with some investigative work and flee?
- Maybe a preacher among them willl try and "save" the townfolk from this evil women?
- Maybe they are caught, go to trial and are now going to get hung and thus need to escape?
- Maybe they just decide to paint the town red with the blood of these nutters?

The options are endless and as Mah Booker says "It's all in God's hands aint it!" ;)

Note- Although this adventure doesn't contain any "weirdness" as written, it wouldn't be hard to sprinkle, well damn maybe even lather it, with some to make it so if that is what you need/want. :)

Over and out,


Disclaimer - As of writing this i only own the Players Guide (i get the full thing this Friday) so i don't know if any of the above breaks any Marshals section "cannon", but if it does i'm sure it won't be hard to adjust. :)

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#44 Postby discuit » Mon Jan 08, 2007 1:03 am

Some maps/info can be found here that may help flesh out some stuff for some people. :)

Oh it's called North American Forts and Battlesites.


Ps - If this is OFN and all that i do appologise, but no doubt there are other players who are new to the Deadlands setting like myslef who may appreciate it. ;)

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#45 Postby Sadric » Mon Jan 08, 2007 6:09 am

A adventure I played with my players. The players needed something from the doctor.
The wasp men are undead creations out of the deadlands monster manual.

While travelling the hear about some flying monsters and evil inidans living in the hills. And there is a old doctor living in a large buidling near the hills, a nice old guy that help the ill. The poor man lost his wife to a rattlesnake a few years ago. Next day a carriage with medical suplies will be send to the doctor. The last carriage was sometimes attacked by indians, maybe the pose will escort the carriage?
They could hear from the coahcman that the doctor has ordered a lot of big heavy boxes a year ago. He dont know what was inside, but they smell strange (there was corpses inside)

While travelling to the doctor they found a strange skeleton in a cliff wall. It looks like the corpse of two humans, but one is missing head and legs. And the other head looks like it has the eye socket enlarged. It was killed by indian arrows. In truth it is the corps of a wasp men.

Maybe they get attacked by indians, maybe a shaman warns them about the evil under the hill.

The meet the doctor, preferable late noon and get invited to stay the night. While eating with the doctor he talk about his dead wife, and how he miss her, how he loves her. Maybe someone could sense that he try to reach her somehow. The talk about the constan harassing of the inidans
In the night they could follow him to a secret lair/labor under his house.
There they meet a few wasp mens guarding the lair.
Then they meet more wasp men, younger, and still weaker, but they miss the stitching and scairs of the others. They are not undead but alive!
Then they meet the Throne room and the wasp queen, and a horde of more wasp men warriors. While fighting the wasps they could see the copullating undead wasp queen and the naked doctor. In my game the Fear checks seeing this and the truly stunned PLAYERS as they recognize the wasp queen as the dead wife give the queen enough time to flee, flying in the night. To despaired doctor that try to stop her She said"you have your duty solved, you are a useless drone now. I have enough semen from you to populate a new hive."
The Doctor killed himself after hearing this.
It was a great tragic scene and one off the few moments where my PLAYERS missed a Fear check. :-)

A few level later (yes, d20 deadlands-shame on me) she and her new hive make a comeback as new fearmonger in the hometown of on SC.

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a new mule

#46 Postby manifold » Tue Jan 09, 2007 10:00 am

Like most epic tales of the west, my campaign started out in Missouri. Doing a little research on the Show Me State, i found out quite a bit about mules, and the SW core mule does not do the critter justice.

Revised Mule

Agility d4 Smarts d4 (a), Spirit d10, Str d8 Vigor d8

Guts d8, Notice d4

Pace: 8 (d6) Parry: 2 Tougness: 8

Size: +2 Grit: +1 (Mules are famously hard to spook.) Ornery: All ride checks made while riding a mule suffer a -1 penalty.

Melee Attack (Fighting d4-2)
• Kick: d8

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#47 Postby Bretbo » Wed Jan 10, 2007 5:51 pm

Seeds: Western 1, because you can never have enough sources for adventure ideas.

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#48 Postby discuit » Sat Jan 20, 2007 7:12 am

Can we please get this wee thread "polled"? :)

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#49 Postby Turanil » Sun Nov 18, 2007 6:19 pm

So, back on this thread after a long absence...

One thing difficult for me, is to find names for NPCs. However, I noticed that spam email use fake names that would often sound good in a Deadland setting. Here is a few samples:

Theodore Hensley
Wim Yeager
Astrid Muensterkoetter
Carol Drake
Bonnie Villanueva
Marcel Woodrum
Merrilee Rivera
Omar Ferguson
Irwin Albright
Palle Bradke
Rebecca Stewart
Sarah Hand
Sascha Rosales
Gracie L. Fernandez
Kerry Terry
Alvin M. Freeman
Terrie Mclain
Leah E. Byrne
Jayna Genna
Harriett Bender
Jennifer Connell
Humberto Murillo
Martha J. Rocha
Naomi Gunn
Carson Hebert
Padgett & Kelly
Tasha Ferreira
Vince Major
Rosemary Chin
Michael Torres
Heriberto English
Tammi Maynard
Arturo Eaton
Myron Landers
Reid Valencia
Clement Hardin
Jack Aguilar
Irvin Corcoran
Adele Lawrence
Kendrick G. Bond
Brady Carrillo
Savannah Vick
Huff Pallan
Kirk Belanger
Stacie Zuniga

Okay, I could go on and on scanning the junk-email box, but I will stop there for today... :smile:
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#50 Postby Lord Skudley » Sun Nov 25, 2007 2:11 pm

Turanil wrote:So, back on this thread after a long absence...

One thing difficult for me, is to find names for NPCs.

I posted an Excel name generator on Shark Bytes that creates random names for several nationalities {both Male & Female}, including Western & American Indian.
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#51 Postby Turanil » Tue Apr 15, 2008 8:02 am

Okay, I am going to write here, as it comes, the adventure I will run next week. (Players new to SW, to Deadlands, and to western as a rpg genre.) If I ever continue past what is intended as a one shot, my idea is to set the campaign into Stephen Kings' world of "Darktower".


The Cursed Thieves

A story about a gold mine, a grave robber, bandits, an old Indian tomb, and a cursed treasure that goes back from where it was stolen...

So here is what happened and that the PCs will eventually discover:
In the mountains, near the town of Relston, a prospector had inherited an old mine, and begun to dig through it. The mine (before it was abandoned years before) had never given gold, only some silver, and after a lot of hard work. However, six months after having entered the mine, the prospector did come back in town with a sack full of gold, and intent on leaving the place forever. Unfortunately, he was killed by three bandits, and his gold disappeared...

The truth is, that the prospector, in digging through the mine, found a much ancient Indian tomb that had been sealed for untold ages. There he found a golden mask, that he melted and turned into rubble, so he would pretend to have mined gold. However, the gold was cursed, and later would "try to come back" to his rightful place, even while it was not anymore a mask. In fact there is a spirit watching over the gold, but that can only manifest at night. The spirit influences events so the gold will go back home.

So the curse took place several times. At first the bandits killed the prospector and took the gold. At the time they thought of going back to the mine to get more of it. But the following day, one of them stole the gold for himself and fled away. The other bandits went for him, but instead of finding him, heard about a train with a bank coffer in it. In the meantime, the thief felt more and more scared and uneasy, and drank to try to assuage his fears. Eventually he got the idea to hide the gold into his stomach and take the train to flee. However, because of the curse, drunk as he was he got into a train that would bring him back to Relston. In the meantime the bandits would also be brought back to Relston, going into that train to rob the coffer they (falsely) believed to be in it.

So wat happens is that the gold will one (supernatural) way or another, go back to the tomb. The posse will meet with train robbers, visit a small western town and saloon full of superstitious folk, see Indians, enter a haunted mine, and get through a small dungeon crawl (the tomb).


Event #1.

The PCs don't know each other, and the adventure begins in a train. I will draw a car's floorplan, with a number of unoccupied seats equal to the number of PCs. Each player chooses where is character seats. Then, there is a drunkard in front of one of them, so who chose that seat will have a problem. :twisted:

So, at one time, the drunkard will womit almost everything in his stomach. The PC in front of him will be entitled a Dex check to avoid. Anyway, the story begins here. That is, with a successful notice check, one may discover a small chunk of gold in the vomit. Reason is that the drunkard ate the gold rubble and pebbles he stole to someone. However, because of beer and whiskey and the train's movements, he now has vomited some of it. Yet, only the PC will notice it, if they do.

Event #2.

Two mean looking guys enter the car. What nobody knows yet, is that they belong to a group of bandits who are all in the train, and plan to rob the coffer in one of the train's cars. But walking through the car they suddenly recognize the drunkard. They obviously hold a grudge against him and angrily ask him about "what he stole from them" (i.e.: the gold). Of course themselves had stolen that gold to its "rightful" owner, a prospector (but more about that later, hehe). So, the drunkard has no gold in his pocket and tells he spent everything in wiskhey anyway. As such, if the PCs don't intervene, they will shot the drunkard dead and leave without noticing the gold. If the gold wasn't already noticed, there is a second chance of noticing another small chunk of gold coming out of a bleeding wound. (I know, it's gore and stupid, but I find it fun, and hope my players will too... :-D ). So, the posse should have some clues there is gold in the corpse's stomach!

Event #3.

Whatever happens with the two bandits, there will happen more trouble with the other bandits when they dynamite the coffer in another car. This makes the train stop for some reason, and it happens the train stopped in the middle of a very high wooden bridge... The purpose of this (as a GM), is that I want a fight where the bandits eventually throw dynamite at the PCs. The idea is that once the car where was the coffer has been dynamited, the bandits will leave away in the locomotive, throwing dynamite behind them, that could destroy the bridge and send the cars into the canyon below... The PCs will have to deal with that, and then follow with their horses (who currently are in the last train's car), finding a way to lead them across the bridge past the train and damage, etc.


About the gold going back to the tomb...

At first the gold is in the drunkard's corpse. How will it get back to the tomb if it remains in the corpse? Several suggestions:

-- Posse abandoned the corpse behind with the gold in it: a train's passenger will bring it to Relston so it can have decent funerals. He will arrive shortly after the PCs (using a horse or two), and the PCs will notice it.

-- Posse brought the corpse with them: at one point a supernatural creature (a bear, wolves, or a bird of prey, possessed by the spirit, so it becomes invulnerable and with glowing green eyes) comes and manages to devour the corpse's stomach and ingest the gold. Following the creature's tracks will eventually lead to the mine.


Event #4.

The posse should be led to the small town of Relton. This town is inhabited by two populations that despise each other. The first are deeply religious (if not fanatical) people, under the influence of the local pastor (the reverend Joseph Güber); the others are a bunch of rough men, prospectors, prostitutes, etc. of ill repute and manners, under the influence of a dishonest businessman (the saloon's owner Robert Mac Weeldry). Between the two, maintaining an uneasy truce, is the sheriff Mitchell. Lastly, there is a few Indians who come to town from time to time; and unsurprisingly, they are despised and shunned by all.

The trick is that various info the posse may seek, require to ask the three different populations (bad people, puritans, and indians). All will want to have the posse on their side against the others. Also, as this is a small town, everything is known quickly, so the posse will find itself at odds with all the town. Then, when strange or criminal things occur, the will be held responsible by the town's people.

So, the important event in the town is : when the posse arrive, there has been some trouble lately. A small group of bad guys have killed a puritan, but all of this is unclear, and the sheriff doesn't know who killed the guy. But as a result there is a growing tension, and there may be a riot while the PCs are here.


Next ideas I get I will continue, editing this post if nobody answered. I mean, I am open to your ideas! :razz:
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#52 Postby Turanil » Sat Apr 26, 2008 8:36 am

Okay, I have only three hours left before the gaming session ! I must find some ideas to finish the scenario ! I will shortly search through Roleplaying Tips' five rooms dungeons to get a few ideas...

Anyway, today I got my second set of pre-painted minis just in time! I will be able to use them tonight, and will also print some of their building plans. These EM4 western miniatures come in handy when you don't want bother paint minis by yourself. However, they are not cheap...

Two of my players eventually created their characters:
1) An incompetent physician who was fired from the army for having killed too many soldiers instead of healing them. He nonetheless keeps trying become a surgeon whenever the opportunity arises...
2) An ex bad boy turned a fanatic preacher prone to shoot any unbeliever he meets.
3) ??? (normally a sheriff, we will see).

Of course I plan to go to the gaming session with my cow-boy boots and hat... :mrgreen:


Knowing about the three characters (at least two), I have determined that the bandits' leader is a blasphemer, and walks with a limp, often cursing for the suffering in his leg. I guess it will give more incentive to the PCs to interact with him than if he was a mere bland villain. I may exaggerate this in having more bandits who curse God, and other than seem ill or wounded... :razz:


Event #5

Going to adapt some "five room dungeon" there. Okay, going to adapt this:

Room One: Entrance and Guardian
The dungeon is an orcish mine. The entrance is a small trapped cave, and the guardian is a domesticated grizzly bear.

Room Two: Puzzle or Roleplaying Challenge
In Room Two PCs find a madman entrapped in the dungeon. If they cure him (using spells, for example) he will reveal vital information about the place.

Room Three: Trick or Setback
This place is trapped: if PCs touch the illusory chest contained in the room the ceiling will collapse on them.

Room Four: Climax, Big Battle, or Conflict
The final boss is a little humanoid army: a lot of orcs, trolls and ogres. They will accept food and prisoners in exchange for PCs lives.

Room Five: Reward, Revelation, Plot Twist
1) PCs find NPCs prisoners in the dungeon. They must pay attention: one of them is a polymorphed demon.
2) PCs find a large amount of gold, silver or platinum in the dungeon. They must pay attention: the metal is cursed.

So, when the posse arrive at the haunted mine :

Not so long ago, a new prospector entered the mine, intent on searching gold while the owner had disappeared. He came with his pet grizzly bear. However, because of the evil spirits in the mine, the grizzly became a ravening savage beast, and the prospector couldn't exit from the mine, being prisoner inside. Now, he is starving and mad, being haunted by nightmares and visions of evil (because of the spirits).

1) Entrance and Guardian
-- A grizzly bear is waiting here, in the depth, before the pit that has been sealed by the prospector. The bear is enraged and will attack the posse by surprise jumping out of shadows. He is possessed by a spirit which gives him malevolent green glowing eyes, and a cunning intelligence. However, he could be betrayed by his odor.
-- When the posse try to open the shaft, it will break and the PCs may fall.

2) Puzzle or Roleplaying Challenge
-- The PCs meet with the mad prospector who flees when seeing them. It's difficult to quiet him, as he is scared and on the verge of definite madness. But he knows about the evil spirits in the Indian crypt, and how to get there.

3) Trick or Setback
-- In some tunnel, PCs will see a light, and seemingly leading to a place with treasure waiting for them. All of this is an illusory trap set by the spirits, as when they enter the room it collapses on them. Especially if they shoot on the illusory creature that seems to laugh in a dark crner...

4) Climax, Big Battle
-- Inside the forgotten tomb's antechamber. There reside a score of zombies, that are the cursed corpses of people who came before the prospectors (bandits, etc.). They resist well to firearms, but are vulnerable to fire. If some bottles of whiskey are thrown at them, they will stop to drink eagerly but spilling it all over them (they are clumsy and desperate). Now it's the opportunity to set them aflame. However, this could provoke an explosion due to gas, and a subsequent cave-in.

5) Final Plot Twist
-- There is another gold mask to steal there, on the second Indian mummy. However it is cursed. The first character who tries to steal it is immediately the target of a possession attempt by an evil spirit.


Okay, that should do it. Of course, there will be a lot of improvisation, but I have a frame upon which to build. Now I must go and download some pregenerated western NPCs...

Tomorrow I will tell you how all of this ran. :)
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#53 Postby Turanil » Sun Apr 27, 2008 5:23 am

Okay, I ran the adventure. It took 4 hours, but with things we didn't play, so I will say that it's a 5 hours module.

The players especially did like the gold in the drunkard's stomach. The bandits' leader died very quickly: he was about to throw dynamite on them but they managed to kill him first, and with a bad roll, the dynamite remained there and exploded, although it didn't collapse the bridge, just destroyed the locomotive. Then, I removed the city's tension between puritans and rough men (it appeared unnecessary). Expedition in the mine (final dungeon) was also short on tunnels exploration. The greedy players almost died, but were saved by the preacher before they triggered the trap.

My conclusion : next time I must better know the rules (we were all new to actually running/playing SW), and for western adventuring more machines and less dungeons with supernatural is more appropriate/interesting.
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#54 Postby Lord Skudley » Sat Jul 05, 2008 10:52 pm

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#55 Postby edbraindead » Sun Jul 06, 2008 6:20 pm

I remember reading this thread a while ago, and now that i'm running deadlands again, it still holds up with plenty of plot ideas to use for my campaign. I'll see if I can add some to the mix too.

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#56 Postby MountZionRyan » Tue Jul 08, 2008 1:06 pm

Some great photos can be had here:

Roll For News a podcast about what's new and noteworthy in Tabletop RPGs

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#57 Postby Lord Skudley » Thu Dec 18, 2008 10:40 pm

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#58 Postby Lord Skudley » Thu Dec 18, 2008 11:52 pm

Here's an adventure I ran some time last year. I intended to write it out completely {I still may} but have never gotten to it:


Code: Select all

In the early 1800’s during the Western Migration the U.S. Government stationed troupes at strategic intervals to insure the safety of her people.  As the trails became thoroughfares and towns became more common the need for troupes dwindled.  Many forts became towns and just as many were abandoned.  Fort Grayson in northern Idaho was one such a fort.  Abandoned on a forgotten trail in 1851 Fort Grayson now sits in the hunting grounds of the Lapwaii {a tribe of the Nimi’ipuu (Nez Perce)}, all that remains is a palisade wall a watch tower and a partially collapsed bunkhouse.
1.   June 20, 1863 {14 years ago}
  a.   A US Army transport wagon carrying ten crates of gold bound East to help finance the War Effort.
   i.   Each crate is 6”x6”x4” and holds four 6”x3”x2” bars of gold with the seal of the US Government
   ii.   Each 6”x3”x2” bar weighs 27.5 lbs and is worth $7,576.00
   iii.   Each crate is worth $30,304.00and weighs 110 lbs
   iv.   Total worth $303,040.00.  Total weight 1,100 lbs.
  b.   The Strathmore Gang robbed the transport
   i.   The Strathmore Gang
    1.   Hal Strathmore:  The Leader
    2.   Wayland “Rollie” Crow: Hal’s Second: The “Brains”
    3.   Walton “Willy” Truitt:  The Shootist
    4.   Juan Nogales:  A Mexican Knife fighter.  The Enforcer
    5.   Husis “Horace” Owyun:  The Injun Guide
    6.   Seth Pomeroy: The Rifleman.
    7.   Luke Blankenship: Guns and Explosives
    8.   Rueben Crowley: Gunslinger
    9.   Miguel  del Lorenz:  The Muscle
  c.   The Gang separates the wagon from the outriders and fled into the wilderness.  Guided by their Nimi’ipuu associate; Husis “Horace” Owyun they traverse deeper into the Lapwaii territory.
  d.   Seth and Rueben wait for the outriders
2.   July 2, 1863
  a.   Finding Fort Grayson they stop to rest and await Seth and Rueben.  While there Hal and Rollie bury the crates under the bunkhouse. 
3.   July 4, 1863
  a.   Rueben catches up with the gang two days later with distressing news:  Seth is dead and the outriders are a day behind him and coming fast.
  b.   In a final showdown Rueben, Miguel and Luke are killed along with the Outriders.
4.   July 23, 1863
  a.   The remaining Gang head into Walla Walla where Hal lets the Gang loose to “Enjoy yerselves boys!”
  b.   The sheriff witnesses Hal enter the saloon alone. Recognizing him the sheriff gathers some deputies and goes in after him.
   i.   Hal, seeing himself surrounded & realizing that they only have him for a prior robbery surrenders with out a fight.
  c.   The Gang in disarray without their leader is rounded up {except Horace Owyun who returns to his native lands}.
5.   March 22, 1867 {10 years ago}
  a.   Founding of Rusty Glenn
   i.   Wendell “Rusty” Hardwick and a group of Pioneers begin Homesteading in a Glenn near the remains of Fort Grayson in northern Idaho.
   ii.   After Building their homes the people elect Rusty as their “honorary” mayor.  Naming the settlement Rusty’s Glenn {later shortened to Rusty Glenn}.
  b.   A Party of Lapwaii hunters {Husis Owyun amongst them} discover the Whiteman invaders and quickly return to their village.
  c.   Chief Chapowits {Many Coyotes} approaches the settlers:
   i.   They have built their homes in the hunting grounds of the Lapwaii Peoples.
   ii.   Chief Chapowits is concerned that the Whiteman will encroach on their way of life.
   iii.   Rusty Hardwick assures the Chief that the people of Rusty Glenn will make every attempt to live harmoniously with the Lapwaii Peoples.
   iv.   A Treaty is agreed upon.
    1.   The people of Rusty Glenn will stay in the northern portion of  the hunting grounds taking up no more than 5,000 acres {approximately 8 sq miles}
    2.   The Lapwaii will hunt in the southern areas no closer than 2 miles to Rusty Glenn.
   v.   Horace Owyun makes himself “useful” about town in order to keep an eye on things in case Hal should ever return.
  d.   Over the years Rusty Glenn expanded beyond the original 5,000 acres.
   i.   Chief Chapowits chooses to allow the people of Rusty Glenn to live in piece.
    1.   They are good neighbors and always willing to trade with the Lapwaii.
6.   1 ½ years ago
  a.   November 13, 1875: Hal, Rollie, Juan & Willy escape Oregon State Penitentiary2.
  b.   February 18, 1876: Returning to Fort Grayson they discover a thriving town where there was once nothing.
  c.   The old bunk house has been converted into a jail/Town Hall.
   i.   Rusty Glenn Point’s of Interest{see map}:
    1.   Fort Grayson Wall & Tower
    2.   Block & Tackle System
    3.   City Hall/Jail
    4.   Fay’s Place
    5.   Mason’s Livery & Smithy
    6.   Jefferson’s Mercantile
    7.   Cleveland’s Hardware
    8.   Dr. Ashwood’s Office & Funeral Parlor
    9.   Amos’ Barbershop
    10.   Assayer’s Office
    11.   Norwood’s Bank & Post Office
    12.   Sanders’ Bakery
    13.   School House
    14.   Ms Scott’s Home {the School Marm}
    15.   The Grove
    16.   The Hallow Tree
    17.   Badger Rock
    18.   Tent City
    19.   Truitt’s Place
    20.   Horace & Rollie’s Place
    21.   Rusty’s Home
    22.   Balderman Home {first Victim: Georgie}
    23.   Beardsley Home {second Victim: Dallas}
    24.   Clark Home {third Victim: Lizzy}
    25.   Kline Home {fourth Victim: Toby}
    26.   Thompson’s Farm {last Victim: Sammie}
    27.   Jenkins’ Farm
    28.   Jenkins’ Barn
    29.   Grimes’ Farm
    30.   Mabry’s  Farm
    31.   Shepherd’s Farm
    32.   Roberts’ Farm
    33.   Abandoned Shack/Strathmore’s Hideout
    34.   Burnt Silo
    35.   Sammie’s Body
    36.   Funeral Pyre
  d.   Realizing they can’t remove the gold with the townsfolk around Hal looks for a way to eliminate the interlopers.
7.   February 20, 1876 to Present: Hurt the kids, scare the parents, panic the town…
  a.   Rollie sets himself as a handy man about town.
  b.   Realizing the need to “mint” the gold Hal instructs Willy to learn the “Smithy” trade.
  c.   Horace continues his presence in town, aiding Rollie in some of his handy-man duties.
  d.   Juan works as the go-between, visiting the town on the 18th through the 20th of every month {or so}.
   i.   March 21, 1876: Juan reports to Hal that the school is almost built and a new silo is also being built on the outskirts of town.
   ii.   March 28, 1876: The School (13) is built just south of the town limits.
   iii.   April 1, 1876: a Silo (34) under construction outside the town boundaries burns in the night.  An Indian Dream catcher is found at the scene.
   iv.   April 10-30, 1876: mysterious lights are seen near the newly built School (13) {outside the town boundaries}.  The lights continue to be a mysterious presence every dark or moonless night.
   v.   May 18, 1876: Juan tells Rollie things need to take a step up.
   vi.   June 1, 1876: Hal comes to town and orchestrates a “disappearance”.
    1.    June 9, 1876: Georgie Balderama, Jr. (22) disappears while playing Hide-N-Seek in the Grove (15) after dark.  Georgie is never seen again.
   vii.   June 25, 1876: “Indian Shadows” sighted near the Jenkins Barn (28).
   viii.   September 19, 1876: George Balderama, Sr. sets vigil at the School (13) to investigate the “Lights” and look for his missing son.
    1.   He catches Willy and Rollie digging the hideaway under Badger Rock (17). 
    2.   Juan sneaks up behind George and strangles him.  Rollie comes up with the “Hanging” idea.
    3.   Juan climbs to the Bell tower, muffles the mallet and holds the bell in place.
    4.   Wally lifts the body while Rollie ties it in place.
   ix.   September 20, 1876 AM: George is found hanging from the bell rope at the School (13).  The bell wasn’t rung in the night.
   x.   November 21, 1876: Hal comes to town and orchestrates another “disappearance”.
   xi.   November 23, 1876: Dallas Beardsley (23) disappears, never to bee seen again…
   xii.   November 25 – October 7, 1876:  The town searches for Dallas.
    1.   Horace leads the people into the Lapwaii territories as a scout and assists in the search.
   xiii.   February 3, 1877: Hal comes to town and Lizzy Clark disappears.
   xiv.   February 4 – March 10, 1877: The town searches for Lizzy.
    1.   Horace again assists in the search.
   xv.   March 18, 1877: Toby Kline vanishes.
   xvi.   March 19 – May 3, 1877: The town searches; Horace helps.
   xvii.   March 29, 1877: The Clarks, the Beardsleys and 17 other families leave Rusty Glenn.
   xviii.   June 18, 1877: Juan & Hal return to town and kidnap Sammie.
8.   June 18, 1877:  The Posse arrives at sundown.
  a.   They can board their horses at “Mason’s Livery & Smithy” (5) where they meet the overweight, surly stable hand {Willy Truitt}.
  b.   Checking into “Fay’s Place” (4) they are given rooms and served dinner.
   i.   Frank {the town drunk} yells from the bar:  “I have my pants on!!!”
   ii.   They hear the rumor of Sammie’s disappearance from Major Covington & Donald {the town gossips}
    1.   If asked the Major will gleefully tell about the “Latest disappearance”.
    2.   The Thompson Farm (26) is on the northern end of town, about an hour’s ride from here.
    9.   If the Posse jumps on this “hook”
  a.   They may visit the Thompson Farm (26)
   i.   There they will find Sheriff Jenkins and the town counsel:
    1.   Rusty Hardwick
    2.   Ardin Marsh: the Assayer
    3.   Amos Ludwig: the Barber
    4.   Dr, Ashwood
    5.   and Cletus Norwood: the Banker
   ii.   They are discussing the past years events.
   iii.   John Thompson, Sammie’s father isn’t too concerned.  Sammie is always staying out over night.
10.   June 19, 1877
  a.   1:00 AM: Deputy Elliot finds Sammie dead in the Grove (15):  Sammy is tied down and eviscerated; there is a “Dream Catcher” at his head.
   i.   He fetches Sheriff Jenkins & Deputy Jimmy {and the Posse if they are involved at this point}.
   ii.   Sheriff Jenkins takes Sammie’s body to his parents as his Deputies “secure the scene”.
   iii.   Deputy Jimmy sends for interim Deputy Rosco Grimes to Guard the scene as they reconnoiter.
  b.   8:00 AM:  The Posse hears about the death at breakfast from the Major & Donald.
  c.   8:00 to 11:00 AM:  The Posse investigates:
   i.   While Sheriff Jenkins is “good man” he is an inept Sheriff.
    1.   More concerned with his own welfare than that of the town.  Not greedy or self serving, just cowardly.
    2.   He is Rusty’s brother-in-law.
   ii.   Where did the rumors come from?  The only people aware of Sammie’s death were the Sheriff and his Deputies {and possibly the Posse}.  Rosco doesn’t even know as he was called in after the body was removed.
    1.   The Major heard the story from Willy Truitt
    2.   Donald first heard from Myra Roberts who heard it from Rollie Crow.
   iii.   Rumors of the School (13) being built on Sacred Indian Ground are being propagated by Horace Owyun.
   iv.   If their Persuasion check is successful the Posse will gain access to the Grove and the scene of the crime.
    1.   Sammie was either dead or unconscious when he was tied down.  There is no sign of struggle.
    2.   With a successful Notice they will find block and tackle in the trees of the Grove (15) that causes the “Lights” to dance. 
     a.   One such “Light” led Deputy Elliot to the body of Sammie.
    3.   There is a similar Block and Tackle system (2) at the Town Hall (3) where the Tower and Wall (1) are being renovated.
     a.   Rollie is doing these repairs.
   v.   Rollie and Horace live at the same house (20).
   vi.   At Mason’s Livery & Smithy (5) the Posse will meet Mason, a large and congenial man.
    1.   Willy Truitt “works” for him, thou “Work” is too bold of a word for Willy.  Willy is lazy and spends too much time drinking.  He does however help with the heavy lifting. 
    2.   Mason is unsure why Willy works here.  He knows more about guns than about shoeing.
    3.   He does ask a lot of questions about melting and casting gold and other precious metals.
    4.   Truitt lives in Tent City.
   vii.   If Truitt’s place (19) is investigated the Posse will not find Willy.
    1.    Hal will approach as they are checking the door.  He is a mean, ugly son-of-bitch.  Hal will win the Intimidation check and the Posse will leave with their tails between their legs {burn a Fate Chip to make it fair}.
   viii.   An Indian Funeral Pyre (36) can be found on the south-east side of the Grove (15).
   ix.   There is a large stone in the School Yard {Badger Rock (17)} with a hole under it.  If someone were to look in it they will hear a hiss and see “eyes” as the “Badger” ducks into the shadows.  There is also a large hallow tree in the Grove (15) with the same effect.
    1.   This is a simple contraption with a bellows-cramp and a track.  When someone looks into the hole the bellows squeezes causing a button to spin {making the hissing sound} and the reflective glass “eyes” to recede along the tracks into the darkness.  Rollie installed these to discourage anyone from discovering their hiding places during the “Hauntings”.
    2.   The illusion is helped by the fact that a badger used to live there and the kids would poke sticks at it.
    3.   If the Posse asks, Jimmy will tell how he and Elliot would torment the badger in their youth, and Elliot got bit by the critter after sticking his hand into the hole.
   x.   There is a crawl space under the School (13).  If investigated there is a “wall” further in that blocks further access.  Behind the wall there are more block and tackle units to “Haunt” the School.
   xi.   At Cleveland’s Hardware Richard Cleveland will confirm that Rollie Crow bought quite a few pulleys.
    1.   4 large {5 inch} pulleys, used on the Tower and Wall (1).
    2.   10 medium {3 inch} pulleys.
    3.   and 20 small {1 inch} pulleys.
    4.   Rollie also purchased four small bellows, one large bellow, several “fish bowls” & white paint {used for the “Lights”} and ordered a small kiln.
   xii.   In the Sheriff’s office is a Wanted Poster with a likeness of Hal:  “Wanted Alive Hal Strathmore for Robbery and Prison Escape. $1,000.00 Reward.  Also Wanted Alive The Strathmore Gang: Wayland Crow $200.00, Walton Truitt $100.00, Miguel del Lorenz Alias Juan Nogales $500.00”
  d.   11:00 AM:  The School (13) “mysteriously” catches fire {destroying the block and tackle units} and the townsfolk {with the help of the Posse} spend the next hour and a half bucket-brigading.
  e.   12:30 PM: Sheriff Jenkins & the Deputies are witnessed arguing about the cause
   i .   Sheriff Jenkins shows Jimmy a burnt arrow.
  f.   The Sheriff address the crowd:  “Folks, what we have here is an unfortunate event.  Any rumor of Injun involvement is pure speculation!!  There will be a Town Hall meeting tonight to discuss…”
  g.   At this point Rusty will pull the Sheriff aside.
   i.   The Posse should hear the exchange:  Rusty: Mel what are you doing?   Jenkins: Rusty… Mr. Hardwick there was this fire ya see...  Rusty: I’m not blind Mel.  What is happing in my town?   Jenkins: I don’t know… Rusty:  You don’t know?  What the hell do you mean YOU DON’T KNOW?! 
   ii.   Should the Posse intercede at this point Rusty will ask them what they know {unless they were seen at the Thompson’s Farm last night then he will discuss their findings and directly invite them to his office after he address the crowd}.
   iii.   Upon ascertaining their involvement Rusty will turn again to Jenkins and remove his badge and toss it to Jimmy:  “Deputy Jimmy you are promoted to interim Sheriff.  Mel report to my office – now.”  Turning to the crowd “Folks there will be a Town Hall Meeting at ‘Fay’s Place’ (4) at 8:00 tonight, if that’s all right with you Fay.  Anyone caught bearing arms with the purpose of exacting revenge on our neighbors will answer to ME and spend the next fortnight in our jail!  Deputy Elliot, call in the interim Deputies and restore peace.”  Turning to the Posse, “Gentlemen please join me in my office where we can discuss this more freely.”
   h.   1:30 PM: The Posse and Rusty Confer.
   i.   The burnt arrow is brought forth.  It looks like an authentic Indian arrow.
    1.   About ten of these were found near and on the school.
   ii.   Jenkins and Jimmy will vouch for Horace.  After all he has been in Rusty Glenn from the beginning {treat Horace as a “false” Red Herring}.
   iii.   All Indian Evidence has been verified as authentic by Horace {if there is an Indian amongst the Posse he will also verify this fact – They are real Indian items, Horace made them according to the “old Ways”}.
   iv.   The Lapwaii tribe is currently in the far south end of their territory.  Several days away from the town.
   v.   The Posse is given authority to continue investigating as needed.
    1.   If needed, Rusty will supply Letters of Authority “Deputizing” the Posse.
   i.   2:00 PM:  More Investigation.
   ii.   When the Posse returns to “Fay’s Place” they will meet up with Juan.
    1.   He is demanding his “usual room”.
    2.   Juan is aggressive and spoiling for a fight {all this skulking around is against his nature}.
    3.   He will size up the Posse and taunt the one he sees as the “Largest” or “Best Fighter” {Juan is a large Knife Fighter and prefers large opponents}.
     a.   If the Posse can’t be taunted he will lose interest and leave.
     b.   If the Posse takes the bate Juan will laugh at the “easily angered little man…” and leave.  Hal has expressly forbidden Juan from causing a scene.  If the Posse takes serious umbrage at Juan’s taunts June will gladly fight them… To the death!!!
    4.   As he leaves Fay’s he will holler over his shoulder “An’ I wan’ some good whisky in my room this time!”
    5.   If the Posse questions Fay she will identify him as Juan Nogales, a drifter that sometimes does odd jobs with Rollie.  But mostly he just drinks with Willy.
    6.   Willy and Rollie are never seen in one another’s company.
    7.   Sammie wasn’t the first, just the latest.  There have been four others.  None of them were found.
    8.   Oddly Juan’s coming and goings do seem to proceed the disappearances.
    9.   She has no idea who the “dog-faced” man {Hal} is.
    10.   If they return to Willy’s he still won’t be home.
     a.   If they break into his place it is a one room affair.  A bed, a stove and a footlocker.
     b.   In the footlocker are some threadbare clothes and a box of .45 cartridges with only 18 cartridges left in it.
    11.   A 15 year-old kid, the “look-out”, will challenge the Posse as they leave.
     a.   If they try to bribe him he will say nothing. 
     b.   If they threaten him he will babble that “true enough yos are scary, but not scarier than Willy’s friend, an’ he paid me $10 dollars to tell him yos was here!”
     c.   Enough money or threats will eventually get the urchin to talk:  Willy and that Mexican went into the plains south of town.
    12.   Heading south the Posse should find a small shack…  To small for more than three men, Juan and Willy are very BIG men.
    13.   The grass in the prairie is knee high.
    14.   As they approach a shot will ring out {aimed at the person who approached Willy at the Livery Stable, or anyone wearing a badge}.
    15.   As the Posse hits the ground, shots will continue to be fired over their heads and at anyone who becomes visible.
    16.   The shooting subsides as the Posse shoots back.
     a.   Willy is hiding behind the door with a “gun hole” in it affording him full cover and +4 armor.
    17.   Willy will take a shot at anyone foolish enough to rise above the knee high grass.
    18.   If the Posse splits up the door will open and Juan will toss a stick of dynamite at the closet threat.
    19.   If the Posse should threaten or throw dynamite Rollie will call out:  “You might want to reconsider that.  There are 27 kegs of blasting powder in here.  You’ll blow yourselves to kingdom-come.”
     a.   There are only seven kegs downstairs in the “Basement” of the shack.  One stick won’t set off the kegs, but a second stick might. The second blast must do 15+ points to set off the kegs.  Each keg holds the equivalent of 8 sticks of dynamite!
     b.   The Strathmore Gang was planning to blow the City Hall as a last resort.
     c.   There is a passage that leads forty yards {20 inches} to the south, the Gang’s escape route.
       i.   Horace will attempt to use this route while Hal, Rollie, Willy and Juan will stay to fight.
    20.   If the Posse should get within thirty yards {6 inches} of the shack Juan will charge out and attack the closest.
    21.   Willy will follow blasting his six shooters.
    22.   Hall will come out last fannin’ the hammer.
    23.   Rollie will stay back watching and lending “advice”.
    24.   If any one of those three should go down the rest will give up {except Juan}.
    25.   Juan will fight to the death.  “I’m not goin’ back to that stinkin’ prison!”
    26.   Neither Hal nor Willy will talk.
    27.   Rollie will talk to an extent.  He likes to brag about his “achievements”.  He will warn the Posse of the “Trip Wires” in the basement but will not tell them of their locations {there are five trip wires with notice checks of one at 8, two at 16 and two at 18}.  If Rollie should get too close to mentioning the gold Hall will either punch him or fix a steely glare on him to shut him up.
    28.   Horace will watch the “Round-Up” from the escape exit.  Given the chance he will return to detonate the explosives.
11.   Wrap Up
  a.   The Posse may never know the true motive behind the Strathmore Gang’s “Hauntings”
  b.   With the round up of the Strathmore Gang the Posse is free to collect the rewards.
  c.   Horace should get away.  Rusty and the town will never believe he had anything to do with it.
   i.   Horace may return later to continue the “Hauntings”…
  d.   The people of Rusty Glenn are thankful to the Posse for clearing up the mystery.
   i.   The town will host their stay for a short while.
   ii.   Jimmy will be fully promoted to Sheriff.
   iii.   Mel will “retire” and return to farming.

And some Maps:

Marshal Area Map

Marshal Town Map

Posse Area Map

Posse Town Map

Posse Area Map with Farms Ploted

More Images:

Image Image Image
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Lord Skudley wrote:Here's an adventure I ran some time last year. I intended to write it out completely {I still may} but have never gotten to it:...

And some Maps:...

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People keep asking for Ideas and such for Deadlands Plots. Here is this awesome thread that gives just that and yet it keeps getting buried in all the shuffle. Maybe it should get stickied in the Deadlands area…
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