Silverhoof, Town and Current Posse Base (Classic)

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Silverhoof, Town and Current Posse Base (Classic)

#1 Postby Yendorma » Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:09 pm

For those who are following my other posts ... highlight=, I thought it only fair to share the tale of Silverhoof (which is one of the reasons why that project’s slow going, but still going). Note: We play/run it for entertainment/story more than absolute by the book rules (that, and even now, they’re still learning the system). Names have been changed to protect the guilty, heh.

Initial Cast of Characters:
Felicia, Kitsu (Fox Spirit), with Arcane Background: Shaman.
Mary, 10 year old Mad Scientist.
Bao Lynn, Chinese Saloon Gal (works at the Silvershoe Saloon)
Karl, Huckster (the player would later drop out)

Of course, myself the Marshal (and I’ll probably forget/overlook some details; been a long game so far).

The very first day of the life of Silverhoof, Mom’s Home had several new, and unusual, customers. Felicia, having walked into town through the desert, asked for water, drank some, poured the rest over her dusty, worn body. Cindy, an orphan in town, stomach grumbling, wandered into Mom’s Home, and the owner, called Mom by everyone who frequents her diner, having a soft spot for folks down on their luck, slipped Cindy a free meal. Karl, having recently arrived, settled a grumbling stomach with a meal at Mom’s Home. Bao working in the Silvershoe Saloon, got to meet her employer, Ms. Delilah Orleans, Pete the bar dog, and Roger, the one legged piano player.

Their very first job, approached by a somewhat pale, skinny man in a black outfit, with stove pipe hat, and a shovel over one shoulder. Joe, the Undertaker, not wanting to cause a ruckus amongst those he knows, approached the posse and asked if they would mind helping him out with a problem. Seems the graves at the local boneyard have been dug up, and not a scared man, Joe didn’t want to handle it on his own. He made an impact on the posse by his unusual behavior. Being Superstitious, Joe tapped the floor with his shovel three times, circled around the table, then sat down.

The posse, having no income yet, and figuring ‘what the heck’, decided to help out Joe. Joe told them to meet him at the boneyard after sundown, and they’ll look into it. That night, lanterns and weapons in hand, with Joe leading the way (scattergun under one arm, shovel slung over his back like a rifle). Around the boneyard they went, Joe showing them the graves that were dug up. Some sharp observations later, the posse figured out something has been digging down to the graves, robbing the coffins, while an equal portion are dug up from below.

Further investigation, something north caught their attention, and north in the boneyard they went. The lantern light illuminated a pale skinned, six armed man with wings of flesh [Patchwork] digging up a grave. Guts checks passed and failed, Bao, having passed hers, took aim with her Whitworth rifle, and the dice exploded, the single shot blowing its head clean off. The creature, trained to some degree, took one of its’ options in such a situation. “Flee if possible, if not, play dead.” The body flopped, flapped, collapsed in a heap. Feeling the job finished, all but Felicia went back to town. Not knowing about Patchwork, she, with Joe’s help, doused it in lantern oil and burned it to a crisp (after they both maimed the guts, since it wasn’t going to just lay there and burn).

Back in town, the posse finds lodgings for the night, meet some of the locals, and have breakfast at Mom’s Home the next day. Joe, shovel over one shoulder, took his hat off upon entering, tapped his shovel three times near an empty chair, circled the table, and sat with the posse. He explained what happened after they left, and some bad news. Whatever’s digging up folks who deserve to rest in peace, is still at it.

Back to the boneyard, some looking and searching, find tracks going north of northwest from the cemetery. Heel-toe express, they come upon a recently painted, patched up farm house. The fence recently mended, the barn and farmhouse freshly painted (as in dry, but still new looking), chickens in the yard, and a woman sitting on the front porch, Winchester in hand aimed their way. Talking politely, explaining they’re looking for something disturbing the locals (without mentioning said locals being the dead), the woman lowered the rifle, and allowed them to search her property, since the trail ended there.

Basing their character’s information on another gaming system’s handling of animals and the supernatural [hint, the initials are P.B.], bought one of the woman’s chickens for $5 [Hey, I was making up prices, not having any to call on], to use as a divining rod for the supernatural.

Felicia, chicken in hand (rooster actually), held him like a divining rod, and walked slowly around the area. The rooster trembled when they approached the barn, discovering the butcher block used to prepare chickens, the cause of his shakes, continue their investigation. The rooster leads them to the storm cellar of the farmhouse, and inside, something moving about.

At this point, the rooster’s dropped, they go for their guns (and hexes), when the storm cellar doors burst open, and out comes four Patchwork. Guts checks later, the posse and the Patchwork exchange harsh words (in the form of punches, kicks, gunshots, and hexes). Defeated, they burned the patchwork bodies, and looked for the woman who was sitting on the front porch. Finding nothing, they explored the storm cellar, and discovered a patchwork scientist’s laboratory, with three more bodies in mid-preparation, and a ghost rock boiler to generate electricity.

The threat defeated, returned, told Joe everything’s ok, got their pay from Joe, and settled in to explore the town more.
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#2 Postby Yendorma » Sun Mar 02, 2014 3:39 pm

Fear Level: 1
Established: 1849
Campaign Year/Start: 1874
Population: 837 (437 in town proper, 300 scattered around up to half a day’s ride, 100 live/work primarily at the silver mine)
Location: Seventy miles southwest of Denver (day and a half of riding, one day by coach; averaging 8 hours travel a day); east of Marmot Peak, and about sixty miles west of the newly founded Colorado Springs (1871). [Southwest of Antero Reservoir]
Primary Business: Cattle, silver mine.
Local Government: Town council (democratic) (technically part of the Union)
Law Enforcement: Sheriff, deputies.
Gun Law: Yes, limited. Check in with the city hall, courthouse or jail to turn in all but two bullets per weapon, issued a script to be redeemed when leaving town. Local law believes in being able to defend oneself, but not to be hot headed about it (and as long as a brawl doesn’t turn lethal, they tend to lightly punish such matters). Exception to this is shotguns (sorry, no ammo at all for those), and citizens of Silverhoof (they’re allowed to keep their ammo, which helps make the place rather friendly with folks passing through).

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#3 Postby Yendorma » Sun Mar 02, 2014 3:39 pm

Notable Folks:
Judge Minnie White, Silverhoof Judge/Justice of the Peace
Reverend Luke Hartman, Reverend
Mayor Franklin Madison, Mayor of Silverhoof
Martin Samson, Sheriff of Silverhoof
Luther Foster, Owner of Silverhoof Silver Mines
Shanna “Three Claw” Foster, Luther’s wife, co-owner of Silverhoof Mine
Joe, Final Rest Cemetery Owner/Undertaker
Delilah Orleans, Owner of Silver Shoe Saloon
Pete, Bar Dog at the Silver Shoe Saloon
Roger, One legged ex-vet, piano player at the Silver Shoe Saloon
Sarah Miller, Owner of Sarah’s Shooters, weaponsmith store and range
Nicole Lee Anderson (Mom to her customers), Owner of Mom’s Home (diner)
Doc Joseph “Boston” Gardner, Silverhoof’s Doc
Ruth Samson, Blacksmith
Henry Hitchings, Owner and operator of Henry’s Livery & Stables
Lady Charlston, Seamstress/owner of Lady Charlston’s Fashions
Linda Arkins, Charlston’s employee
Laura Arkins, Charlston’s employee
Jerome Austin (as in Texas), African-American, Owner of Red Velvet Theater
Donnel O’Malley, Owner of the Irish Rose Brewery, former arena fighter
Kelly “Fumble” Brush, Artist and amateur photographer
Carl Maller, Clerk at the Land Claim Office, Translator
Jefferson Wright, Co-owner of Wong and Wright’s General Store
Wong, Co-owner of Wong and Wright’s General Store
Captain Walter Lewis, Owner of The Gentleman’s Refuge
Stone Arrow, Owner of South of Denver Saloon
Maria Isabel Evangeline, Owner of Gut Rot Saloon.
Lou Sue, Owner of the Lockbox
Francis Durand, Owner of Miner’s Shoulder
Doreen Schmitz, Owner of Tender Embrace Brothel, ex-soldier
Marcus Anderson, Owner of Widow’s Rest
Margaret Jones, Owner of Cornucopia Baked Goods
Silverhoof Meats Butcher Shop Owner
Silverhoof News Owner
David’s Tannery Owner
Mad Marty, Owner/Operator of Mad Marty’s Marketable Merchandise
Lilith Smith, Schoolmarm
Lorie Smith, Librarian
The Law In Silverhoof
The lawmen are a tough lot. They have to be to survive. In addition to the problems common to most western towns, the lawmen here are forced to deal with the presence of large groups in town (cowhands moving cattle north or south, groups getting supplies before moving on to Denver, Kansas, Wyoming, and similar), occasional cloak and dagger of the U.S. and C.S., and unusual occurrences.

The mayor (ever since the Civil War started), has made it clear that even with Colorado being part of the Disputed Lands, the law is to be applied equally to all, North, South, and Indians. Not from loyalties to any one side, but survival (town leans one way, other side will cause trouble).

Those unhappy with an officer can lodge a complaint with the town council, who looks into the matter immediately and fair to all sides. If the officer’s found in the wrong, they’re punished accordingly.

Combined with the town ordinance on ammunition, and the fact officers prefer to talk it out (or buffalo a troublemaker), violence is unusually low, but spikes still happen, especially when cattle drive season is the heaviest.

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#4 Postby Yendorma » Sun Mar 02, 2014 3:43 pm

Final Rest Cemetery: On the northwest side of town lays Final Rest Cemetery and undertakers. Prices are reasonable (10% higher than normal), and the cemetery is one of the more peaceful places in the region (for obvious reasons, that and it’s blessed ground). Four foot high stone wall, iron gates with a good lock. Joe’s small, but cozy home is adjacent to it, with the undertaker office next door.

Red Velvet Theater: A theater that has various shows and acts including comedians, musicians, plays, and similar. White trim, red paint, easy swing doors (full-sized, only locked at night after the last show). Interior has a stage for various acts, wood floors, chairs and tables (but doesn’t serve alcohol), and well ventilated (thanks to windows usually left open). Like the theaters Back East, it has balcony seating (reserved for specific customers). A marquee out front lists the acts, and always has posted ‘House reserves the right to refuse service’, along with ‘No alcohol served’. Despite that, it’s still a popular place, thanks to the Foster family taking in the more family oriented shows.

Silverhoof Courthouse and Jail: On the outskirts of town stands the courthouse and jail, which only houses the more serious troublemakers. Judge Minnie White presides in the courthouse, and does her best to keep things fair and quiet, so unless it’s a serious crime, a fine is usually punishment (but she’s not above having the right folks hanged). Stone building, bars on the window (first floor).

Irish Rose Brewery: This place serves some of the finest aged spirits around, complete with light meals (if you want a full meal, have to go elsewhere). The owner, O’Malley, hails from Ireland, and takes no gruff from customers (despite being a superb brewer, he’s also a hearty fighter). Unlike other places, the brewery isn’t painted, instead the wood has had stain applied, keeping the beauty of wood intact (at least to O’Malley). Interior has numerous chairs and tables for customers to sit and relax and order aged spirits, but most of the orders are sent ahead of time without a customer going in. Light food is usually light soups/stews, bread, crackers, and similar; stuff that goes well with alcohol.

House of Worship Church: The divine truth is explained here every Sunday by the Reverend Luke Hartman. All religions are welcomed, and Reverend Luke does his best to accommodate them. The building and grounds are sanctified. Painted white with blue trim, has a bell (usually rung for services, outside of services, emergencies), plenty of pews (with upholstery, oddly enough). Reverend Luke lives in the back of the church, and when not seeing to services, is putting in some elbow grease elsewhere. Consists of the worship hall, altar, font, confessional, and Luke’s simple living quarters.

Schoolhouse (east from the Church): This moderately sized building (and the library next door) was built through volunteer work and donations, primarily from the Brush House, Irish Rose Brewery, Wong & Wright, Sarah’s, Doc, and Lady Charlston. The library is a fair distance away (to prevent a fire hazard). The schoolmarm is Lilith Smith, a young, eager woman from West Virginia, whose family moved east to Silverhoof after she finished school (and the push on Washington of ’71). Painted white with black trim, it has a pair of coal stoves for heat during the winter, and large windows that can be opened for breezes in the summer. Blackboard along one wall, desks for the students, ink wells, and similar. The sisters don’t live at the school or library, instead they’re currently renting a two bedroom house just north of town.

Silverhoof Library (near the schoolhouse): A small, but modest building built of stone (not too uncommon, but a driving factor is the fact there are books inside, potential fire hazard). Any citizen is allowed to borrow out up to three books for up to a week, with late fees running $0.05 a day after that (and a flat 50% cost of the book if returned damaged). It is run by Lorie, Lilith’s sister, who also takes turns helping run the school. The stone is left gray, having been mined and hauled from the mountains, with windows placed in the best positions to catch breezes, but not rain and the like. Shutters painted white, has bookcases, two tables with chairs (long tables), and two cabinets (one filing, other lists all the books currently available).

Brush House: This building is owned and run by Kelly Brush, photographer and painter, who will immortalize a likeness for posterity for the pittance of a mere $2. He’s Irish, but welcomes all customers. Surprisingly, unlike most buildings, it has plenty of windows, and even skylights (which help light the place up during the day). Paintings and sculptures of all sorts are on display, while Kelly’s living quarters are in the back, as is the work studio.

Silverhoof City Hall: Mayor’s office, and a record house for deeds and other such things. One of the buildings with a basement (stone walls, iron bar reinforcements), and two stories (the mayor has the option of living on the second story). This is one of several locations to check for work (the others being the sheriff’s office, courthouse, and the occasional posting at other places).

Land Claim Office (to the immediate right of City Hall): Paperwork for local strikes, land deeds, and similar are first issued here, and older ones (six months or more) are moved next door to the city hall. Just like the City Hall, it’s made out of stone, inside and out, with a stone basement for storage. The stone’s whitewashed, as are the shutters and trim.

Sheriff’s Office and Jail (to the immediate right of Land Claim Office): Courthouse and Jail’s the location of serious troublemakers (or if the jail’s full). Most often the cells here are used for drunks who had one too many and sleeping it off (after causing some ‘good natured’ trouble). Five cells (the fifth is the Sheriff’s armory).

Wong & Wright General Goods: One of the largest general stores in the area (ok, the only general store), Wong and Wright are the two owners, wife and husband (Wong’s from The Maze, Chinese, and her husband Wright’s from Back East). It carries (almost) everything a person needs (animal feed and the like are sold further down the street), including a Smith & Robard’s delivery point (book prices, with a 15% markup).

Henry’s Livery and Stables (the two buildings immediately left of Wong & Wright): Henry, a man from the south, runs the livery and stables, selling animal feed and gear, as well as letting folks rent stall space for their horses and other animals. He takes pride in his store, so animals left in his care are treated well.

Silver Shoe Saloon: A large saloon, dance and gambling hall, owned and run by Ms. Delilah Orleans, a woman in her 30s who hails from Back East and runs a lively, but friendly, place. The majority of the back of the place are rooms for the saloon gals, but the place has a performance stage, music section (piano mainly), several tables, and even a few private rooms for meetings or friendly games of gambling (no hustling allowed). Dances can be had for 25¢ a pop (horizontal only), drinks are a little pricy but good, and they serve everything from water (fit for drinking) to the harder stuff. Roger, one legged ex-veteran piano player, Pete the Bar Dog.

The Gentleman’s Refuge (right next to the Silver Shoe): A classy saloon, mostly known for being men only. Within it serves expensive food and alcohol, tobacco, and private gambling. For a price, it even has rooms for rent. The interior is more like that of a bar or restaurant Back East than a Western saloon, with two stories and a basement (ground floor is used for food, alcohol, gambling, and similar), while the second floor is where rooms can be rented (with or without company). “Company” is kept either on that floor or in the basement, brought up/down by a hidden stairwell.

South of Denver (right next to the Gentleman’s Refuge): A saloon run by an Indian, it serves good food, good drinks, and is a friendly competitor to the Silver Shoe.

Gut Rot Saloon (right next to South of Denver): Popular for its cheap drinks, cheap food, and rowdy atmosphere. It makes immense profit despite the near daily brawls that occur (the furniture’s just as cheap as the food and drinks, hence the profit it makes). Cowboys and other rough types flock here.

The Lockbox: This large building is where any frisky folks are turned to from other establishments. A large brothel with decent prices, so named Lockbox since what goes on inside stays inside (unless it’s harmful to one of the folks employed therein or their customers).

Miner’s Shoulder (next to the Lockbox): This boarding house is a favorite with working folks, clean beds at a cheap price. A decent place to stay if one doesn’t mind unwashed folks (it’s called Miner’s Shoulder for a reason, more for a rest for miners, but given those who crash here are fresh off their shift, one can imagine).

Tender Embrace (next to the Miner’s Shoulder): Unlike Lockbox, this brothel is cheap, and plenty of soiled doves for those coming into town.

Sarah’s Shooters: Run by a one eyed red haired woman by the name of Sarah, it’s the place to go for all (conventional) gun needs, including a shooting range (backed by both sandbags and stone to ensure rounds don’t stray).

Mom’s Home (across from Sarah’s Shooters): This friendly dining establishment has plenty of seats, and enough staff to keep folks who drop in well fed (serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, but no alcohol). Anyone’s welcome as long as they don’t swear and don’t cause trouble. Run by ‘Mom’, a war widow from Back East (South) always welcomes folks with a warm smile and a polite word or two. Painted green with yellow trim.

Doc Joseph “Boston” Gardner: The town’s pharmacy and medical office, run by Doctor Gardner and his assistants. He’s a man in his early 50s, but sharp as ever and carries a well deserved reputation as a sawbones. He’s also part of the Silverhoof Health and Fire Committee.

Widow’s Rest (next door to the Doc’s office): A boarding house with good beds, fair prices, and a reputation for not allowing shenanigans. No meals are served, but it does have a communal shower and bathroom.

Silverhoof Fire & Health (next to the Widow’s Rest): This building is ahead of its time, consisting of the town’s firefighters and horse drawn water pump. They are also responsible for making sure buildings and areas are safe and not prone to being a fire hazard.

Lady Charlston’s Fashions: For custom clothing, this store is the place to go. It also sells off the rack clothing and footwear. Lady Charlston hails from Europe, while herself and her staff are superb tailors and leatherworkers (who ask no questions).

Samson’s Blacksmithing (next to Lady Charlston’s): Fairly modern (for 1870s era technology that is), this blacksmith shop can fashion anything conventional. Anyone who makes a crack about the owner, Ms. Samson, often find themselves tossed into the street (literally).

Cornucopia Baked Goods (next to Samson’s Blacksmithing): Bread and all manner of baked goods are produced herein. Prices are fair, the goods fair to excellent, and always nicely stocked.

Silverhoof Meats (East from Cornucopia): Butcher shop, sells all manner of meats, and even sometimes fish and other types of animals.

Silverhoof Bank: Strangely, this building is built above and below ground, with the majority of offices, cashier windows, and similar on the ground floor, with access to the vault downstairs in the basement. The building is made of stone, the vault steel, and padlocked security bars on the windows (changed according to the fire and safety committee).

Silverhoof News: This building houses the town’s newspaper, Silverhoof News, which covers plenty of stories (everything from the conventional to stuff that the Tombstone Epitaph covers). It shares the building with the telegraph office.

Cattle Yards: South of town (downwind) are the cattle yards where folks driving herds can leave them securely to get some rest and relaxation. Despite rumors of some going missing, nothing’s turned up yet.

David’s Tannery: Also thankfully south of town is the local tannery, where hides are cleaned and prepped.

Pony Express and Stage Coach Station: East side of town is the local branch of the pony express and stage coach.

Silverhoof Mine: Southwest of town by a quarter mile, it is the largest silver vein found (near Silverhoof at least), and one of the primary means of business. The mine itself is owned by the Foster family, who live west of the mine on a large spread and house.

Mad Marty’s Marketable Merchandise: West of town, north of the silver mine, and south of the cemetery by a quarter mile, is a large, blue painted building, in white lettering (on each side) “Mad Marty’s Marketable Merchandise”. The building is fairly new compared to most of town (built in1870), at the request (and financing) of Mad Marty, New Science Practitioner. Despite what one would think, Mad Marty is actually a young man in his early 20s, who came East from California and settled into Silverhoof (primarily since no one objected, nor cared, given he built his store a quarter mile from anything important).

‘Mad’ Marty is indeed mad, given he practices New Science, and has posted all over the store, and tells customers ‘Buy at your own risk, all sales final, not responsible for injuries using the purchased merchandise’. The warnings were necessary to prevent legal action against Marty (and the town council insisted on it), since Mad Marty sells discount New Science merchandise (which lowers the reliability even further).

Anything except weapons and vehicles can be found for sale at Mad Marty’s, all with varying discounts (50% off, reliability drops by one above and beyond the item’s reliability number, 75% off, drops by two).

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#5 Postby Yendorma » Sat Mar 08, 2014 10:55 am

Further Adventures of Silverhoof
Part 1 (It's a bit of a long tale)
Last we left the posse, they were settling in after earning some dinero from helping Joe with his boneyard problem, and discovered the source, an abandoned farm with a mad science basement laboratory.

At this point, our cast expands to include Reginald, British Huckster on a mission of revenge (his sister got in touch with something that got loose, killed the family, and while she fled, he was blamed). Sharp, black clothing, with hindrances to make him rather unfriendly [Mean as a Rattler, and similar]. Felicia meets Reginald in Mom’s Home, and he joins the posse.

Bao Lynn, working in the Silver Shoe, overhears some miners discussing their pay increase to compensate for the trouble during their work day. Bao brings this to the posse’s attention, and needing some dinero, headed off to the silver mine. Properly called Foster’s Silver Mine, most locals (out of earshot of the owner or his family) call it the silver mine.

The mining camp is a small settlement unto itself, palisade for defense, gate, sawbones, bunks for the miners, mess hall, everything but soiled doves and alcohol. After being grilled by the mining camp guards (it, and the palisade a new feature), were allowed to pass and given directions to Mr. Foster’s office. Given the posse handled the guards well, they were tipped off to Mr. Foster’s ‘eccentric’ behavior. First, call him Mr. Foster unless he tells you otherwise. Second, mind your manners. Third, greedy son of a saddle tramp, but pays his workers a fair wage (more than fair, he actually pays them double their normal wages since content miners = more silver is mined, and more silver means more money).

Into the lion’s den they go, a mash up of Old West and Back East design, the prominent piece a solid oak desk, behind it, Mr. Foster. An average looking man in his early 30s, thick black hair, blue eyes, work clothes, leather thong around his neck, black bowler hat, and a bullwhip [of which, that struck the posse the oddest] Offering them a seat, inquired as to what their business is/purpose for visiting, and scowled after hearing that the posse had heard rumors his mine was having some trouble.

He laid out the issue, his conditions, and the amount he was willing to pay. Seems his mine was having non-lethal accidents; broken tools, stolen goods, similar things that were hindering the mine, and spooking his workers [so his normal double wage was tripled to keep them quiet and working]. He agreed to pay $250 to the posse, with the spoken agreement they keep their mouths shut of why they are there, and anything they discover. Break that bit of the contract, and he’ll take them to court for breech of contract. The posse found that fine, and to sweeten the pot, Foster offered, $50 a day [to each posse member] for however many days it takes to find the cause, and remove it.

They agreed, the posse was split into groups as ‘new workers’. Bao and Mary were sent to the mess hall to cook and serve food, Karl and Reginald to the gates as extra guards, Felicia to the local sawbones, given she (Felicia) has some medical schooling (and the discrete application of shaman abilities).

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#6 Postby Yendorma » Sat Mar 08, 2014 10:56 am

Part 2

Took two days before the first sign popped. Felicia, working in the infirmary with the sawbones, heard something in the root cellar. Felicia, pistol in hand, descended into the root cellar to see what was going on. She came face to face (figuratively) with a walkin’ dead. Walkin’ dead wearing a grime covered suit, a hole in the dirt floor nearby, dragging his hands across the medical supplies. She hollered for him to turn around, he did, and made her Guts check. Quickness rolls later, it draws a straight edge razor, she her pistol. It, at a disadvantage (about ten feet of distance to cover), charged at her, taking the first shot in the noggin’ [some research turned up how to handle a walkin’ dead, the traditional kind, not bloats or similar, heh]. Not enough to drop it, sliced Felicia a bit with the razor, only to have the pistol jammed under its jaw and fired, taking the head clean off.

Bao and Mary, in the mess hall, heard something in the cellar, where most of the food was stored. Mary went down to investigate, lantern in one hand, spotted a mechanical groundhog, making its way to the food stuffs. Failing her guts check, stood frozen as it stopped, noticing her, darted for the hole. Mary, having no quick draw skill, defaulted, went bust, the pistol fumbling out of her hands, onto the ground and a few feet away. The clockwork groundhog dived into its’ hole, and was gone.

Karl, Reginald, on guard duty, spotted something in the early evening light scuttering and scampering in a horizontal line back and forth, drawing attention. Clockwork tarantula [Karl’s player finds spiders creepy, much to my surprise], closing in at a horizontal slant path, but not close enough to be truly in danger. The guards failed their guts checks, Karl and Reginald didn’t, took aim, nearly blew off one mechanical leg, damaged it, but didn’t drop it. The threat momentarily chased off, went to their bunks, slept, woke up to be told that they’re to eat breakfast with Mr. Foster.

Hotcakes, bacon, coffee, syrup, enough for the posse and Foster himself, asked what they discovered so far (having heard from his employees about last night’s incidents). Felicia, still new to being human, had no sense of table manners, which is something Mr. Foster dislikes, but he overlooked it by clarifying not to speak with a mouth full of food. Mary, being a 10 year old kid, was told for the second time not to do so. Actually, “I asked you to not talk when your mouth is full. If you can’t do that, shut up and let the grownups talk.”

Naturally, Mary got all mad, mouthing off to Foster [nothing explicit, just the usual ‘I’m trying to help and you told me to shut up. Which is it, shut up or help?’ kind of stuff] forcing him to take a breath, recalling he’s a family man, explained himself further, as the posse laid out what happened. [Mind you, as Marshal, 1874, and her being an orphan still, was so, so close to snapping and having Foster tan her hide with his hand, heh]

Tracks lead northeast from the mining camp [the tarantula left a rather obvious trail], and said they’d go investigate, see what the cause is, and stop it if need be. Walking for about an hour, nearly two, following the tracks, came upon a roughly disguised mining shaft. Lanterns in hand, they went inside to investigate. Discovering a tripwire alarm [classic string leading far off to a set of bells], drew their weapons, slowed their advance, but kept advancing. Through the mining tunnels, came upon the source of the activity, a mad scientist, his helmeted undead workers, and two clockwork tarantulas (one damaged).

The usual banter between a villain and heroes, ordered his undead workers to capture them alive. Much to the posse’s displeasure, the undead workers were wearing primitive face masks and helmet [to protect the noggin’, as well as keep them from eating the scientist]. His motivation for wanting them alive, and causing all the delaying accidents, time to strike a ghost rock vein he knew was nearby, but the silver mine was digging towards where he was looking. The posse, some unlucky rolls later, were captured alive by the undead, upon which he revealed said motivation.

Flamethrower on his back, ordered his minions to take them away to a holding area. All things looked bleak for the posse, until a single shot rang out from further down one of the mineshafts. Drawing the mad scientist’s attention and that of his minions, turned and headed after the mysterious shooter. For both the mysterious shooter, and the posse, the flamethrower’s range was too short to deal with both groups at once.

Distracted, the posse made their move, put down the undead, recovering their shootin’ irons, regrouped to counter attack. Bao, with her Whitworth rifle, took aim and scored a hit on the villain’s noggin’ [enough to hurt badly, not so much after Marshal chips were spent] Torn between Bao and the shooter, gunfire eventually punctured the tank, detonated, and collapsed, burying the mad scientist, his clockwork spiders, and started a cave in of most of the place. The posse escaped, returned to Mr. Foster after four days of work, informed him of what happened, and got paid. He pointed out the original terms of their bonus. Essentially, their bonus was based on a month of work, and they did it in four days. He stuck to the spirit of the agreement, as long as they kept quiet about what they found and stopped (since it means he could cut wages back to normal levels with his workers). [Greedy hindrance, but he’s highly intelligent about it]

Dinero in hand, Felicia bought medical supplies for the infirmary, everyone else back to town to celebrate.

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#7 Postby Yendorma » Sat Mar 07, 2015 8:52 pm

Yet The Further Adventures of Silverhoof
Part 1 of at least 2-3 parts, heh.

Hell's Back East has stalled a bit, until that muse starts squawking again, sharing some more of Silverhoof.

Cast of Characters:
Felicia, Kitsune (Fox Spirit), with Arcane Background: Shaman.
Mary, 10 year old Mad Scientist.
Bao Lynn, Chinese Saloon Gal (works at the Silvershoe Saloon)
Karl, Huckster (player dropped out, the character courted and married Sarah of Sarah's Shooters).
Reginald, British Huckster on a mission of revenge against his sister (she summoned something evil, it killed their immediate kin, she fled, he was blamed).
Deadwood Tom, token Marshal mouthpiece [the posse's more than capable of getting themselves into hemptie parties, mouthpieces are there as comedy relief/backup, who is usually so down played, the posse forgets the mouthpiece is there]

Time: March, 1874
Location: Silverhoof/Silvershoe Saloon

Bao Lynn, a saloon gal (singing only, Ms. Delilah doesn't cotton to working girls in her establishment), serving the rough and rowdy customers, Roger, the one legged piano player, plunking away at the ivories, Pete the Bar Dog serving drinks, Delilah in the background, keeping an eye on her place.

Bao hears from some customers that it ain't safe to live east of Silverhoof anymore. Cattle disappearing, neighbors disappearing, just ain't right.

Tidbit in hand, Bao asks the cowfolk where they came up from, smitten by her beauty, stuttered out a reply like a gatling gun firing off, thanked 'em kindly for the information, brought it to Delilah's attention.

Delilah has one (of many) business practice. Scary atmosphere (fiery rustlers, ghost tales, etc.) means less business. Less business, less dinero. Brought to her attention, gave Bao subtle permission to go ahead, figure out what's what with her friends.

About this time, Felicia had been smitten by the appearance of Reginald, boldly told him so in Mom's Home. Of course, this startled him (and everyone within earshot), and would begin courtship between the two.

Bao tells Felicia about the trouble East of Silverhoof, the posse decide to ride out and see what's causing heck.

As they go east, they run across farmers, homesteaders, cattlemen, prairie families, all of whom wave, say hello, in general, good neighbors. Further east they go, the less friendly the locals become. They refuse to say hello, watch the posse go by until out of sight, someone with a weapon nearby 'just in case'.

They come across one homestead, abandoned, signs of violence. Next homestead, abandoned, signs of violence (in greater portion to the previous farmland).

They arrive at a farmstead in good shape comparatively, approached cautiously. Farmhouse was boarded up from the inside, barn doors boarded up from outside and inside (they later would discover that bit). Crops growing wild (either not planted, or past harvest), chicken coop bloodied to heck and back, not a sign of life, until a man shouted from within the farmhouse demanding what they're doing on his property.

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#8 Postby Yendorma » Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:10 pm

Part 2 of at least 2-3 parts.

Being shouted at, the barrel of a rifle poking out from a firing slit between the boards, calmly approached and said they were from Silverhoof, looking into what was causing all the trouble. Persuasion rolls later, he lets them in, barring the door again. Pa, Ma, son, two daughters, Smith family. Pa and Ma armed, took the posse into the kitchen/dining room (Old West houses after all, a room did double if not triple duty).

Posse asked what was happening, Pa Smith told them during the night, cattle's been vanishing without a sound. He'd go out the next morning, find one of his cattle gone, no blood on the ground, and the tracks leading away just up and made no sense (they'd go from four hoof prints, to two hoof prints).

They asked the Smiths if they could stay the night at their farmstead, night rolling in by the time they arrived and were hollared at, with the promise of finding out what's what in the morning (since it'd be plumb stupid to go chasing things in the dark).

Pa Smith agreed, introduced them to his son and two daughters, the oldest of whom was in the barn with a bow and arrows (even for 1874, she was a tomboy), who'd travel between the barn and the farmhouse by rope (hand over hand/leg over leg fashion), one end tied off on the second floor attic window (second floor *being* the attic), other end tied off at the barn hayloft door.

Posse bunks down, setting up watch to keep an eye on the surrounding farmstead, since whatever it is, was still coming back, even with almost all the cattle gone (the few they had left were kept in the barn).

Shortly before dawn, one of 'em notices a low, bulky shape scurrying cross the landscape, lazily darting from concealment to concealment (lazily, overconfident, they didn't know). They wake the others, all heck breaks loose, since that one was the scout for the others.

Guts check later, they could act. Just ain't right what was there. Cattle heads ain't supposed to have spider legs and scurry across the plains, looking for more cattle. Between shootin' irons, hexes, and favors, they drove them off. Pa Smith reporting to the posse he heard somethin' in the chicken coop during the commotion, and told them flatly, 'We ain't got any more chickens.'

Felicia, Reginald, and Shaky the Rooster (he ended up following them around all over the place, favorite place to ride, atop Reginald's hat, or Felicia's head) went out to investigate. Shaky under an arm, the trio went into the chicken coop, discovered a blanket covered body. Reggie keeping the pair covered, Felicia gingerly pulled the blanket away, revealing a brown haired, weathered tan whiteman, cowboy hat over his face, sleeping peacefully.

Tween the two, woke up the sleeping stranger, who made his Cognition check to realize 'I'm up the creek without a paddle if they're here to kill me', opened his eyes, and asked, "Is that chicken loaded?"

Cautious interrogation, of which the stranger asked, "Can I sit up on my arms? I'll move real slow like.", allowed to sit up, found out his tale. He suffered some kind of injury Back West of Silverhoof, stumbled and zig zagged East of Silverhoof in a daze, until he found the chicken coop, crawled inside, and went to sleep for the night.

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#9 Postby Yendorma » Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:21 pm

Introducing himself as Tom, from Deadwood, he had nothing to do with the cattle/people missing issue, in fact, slept right through the commotion.

Introductions made, Tom joined the posse, a good ole boy, kind hearted soul (who kept an eye on that chicken, sorry, rooster, finding it plumb weird), daybreak, followed the tracks of the surviving cow heads. East, into a low, forested valley made by hills, discovered where the missing neighbors had gone, why, and what was causing it.

Seems those cow heads were using the (now dead) neighbors as hosts, in some unholy cow head/human torso combination. The posse were darn right freaked, caught in the middle by more of those cowhead abominations, swarming in for the attack.

Shootin' irons, hexes, favors, and Bao with her Whitworth rifle (one shot, and she made darned sure it counted every time), suffer injury, but put the abominations into boot hill.

Injuries were tended by Felicia (using favors), and Tom, who blushed and bashfully admitted he was something of a blessed. "Twas nothing. I'd do it for anyone, friend or foe."

Reggie, rapier in hand, begins to investigate the hanging hosts (strung up feet over head), Tom cautioning it, "I think we should just cover them in lamp oil, burn 'em, be done with it."
Reggie: "We will Tom, we need to understand what these things are."
Reggie sticks one of the bodies with his rapier, and bam it explodes showering him in slugs and goo. Guts check passed (barely, used a couple of chips), he's swatting and squashing the ones on him, rest of the posse doing a dance hall hoe down on the others, douse and light up the remaining bodies, Reggie doing his best not to get rankled at Tom's look of 'I told you so'.

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#10 Postby Yendorma » Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:43 pm

Wrapup of the Cowhead Tale (includes Marshal badge spoilers).

That problem put to the torch, told the Smith family all's ok, paid them some dinero to help keep the farm afloat, back east to Silverhoof, having done good by the locals, cementing themselves in further to the region.

Marshal Badge #1
Remember, I was running this for entertainment/get them used to the system, so took some liberties with how things worked. Said liberties included Tom and Shaky.

See, Tom wasn't lying to the posse, he indeed is a Blessed, his clothes handmade, only weapons a sword and a LeMat (converted to .44 brass). His chipper attitude/peacefulness, they would later find out, came from the fact he was keeping a big secret from the posse, and everyone else he encountered.

Deadwood Tom (full name Thomas James Winchester), is a Blessed, but his real name isn't Tom, and Blessed is only half his occupation. His real name is Ronan Morris, born in Deadwood of 2057. He went to college in Deadwood, theology his major, and supported himself by bartending. He and his parents had a differing view on things, see, Mr. and Mrs. Morris were contractors (specifically of the 'selling weapons and illegal goods from Deadwood to third parties' kind), while he viewed the family occupation as immoral and refused to partake in it.

Ronan Morris is one of the few wasters to have made it out of both the destruction of Deadwood by Raven, and the Raven/War battle against the Sioux Nation. He fought alongside the warriors of the Sioux Nation, earning his Ugly as Sin hindrance from a lacerated face (the blood loss and shock knocked him out cold, fell by the wayside amongst the truly dead). That, and one of his Edge Hindrances (converted from Savage Worlds to Deadland Classic).

When he came to, helped out, moving on after realizing Deadwood is a lost cause (abominations abound, destruction, etc.), stumbled his way around to Boise, Idaho, 2089. Yep brainer, he tumbled into being a squire to the budding Templars, becoming a full blown Templar in 2090. A waster with two paths being walked, that of a Templar, the other a Blessed, whose faith is grounded in the belief humanity will do the right thing in the end, no matter what.

How he got to 1874 Silverhoof was a blessing and a curse. He was scavenging in the ruins of a highway town in 2094, when something jumped him. Darned if he could tell you what it was (even to this day), but to those who'd know of cartoons, he'd say it looked like a darn tornado of claws and teeth.

They fought to a draw, the creature being a poor sport, popped into the Hunting Grounds, taking Tom with it. It promptly fled, gloating that this brainer would die in short order. Ronan, having good luck/bad luck, stumbled round until he smacked into a mining shaft wall (walked right into it). Somehow, he wandered through the Hunting Grounds to a mineshaft in 1874.

Remember the mad scientist looking for ghost rock, who blew up with his flamethrower and creations? That distracting shot from further down the shaft was Tom, putting two and two together (and came up with 4.5). He survived that, barely, dug his way out, went east, stumbling in a daze from his injuries until he came to the chicken coop, bedded down, and was discovered by the posse.

Edit #1 for this Entry: Told you all about Tom and Shaky, left out the cowheads. I'd cherry pick things from Hell on Earth, wind them down to Weird West levels, and viola, new threat. Long as it made sense that is.

You might recognize the cowheads as primitive Spiderheads. They were indeed primitive spiderheads, Reckoner experiment with new abominations for when all Hell broke loose. By the time 2081 hit, they perfected the design from the 1874 Cowhead, to the 2081 Spiderhead.
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#11 Postby Yendorma » Sat Mar 07, 2015 10:11 pm

Note: Unable to find his original, 1874 appearance sheet, hindrances and the like include those he earned from 1874 to 1878.
Name: Ronan Morris (named after the Dime Novel hero Ronan Lynch)
Aliases: Thomas James Winchester (no relation), Deadwood Tom.
Age: 37 (looks 24)
Size: 5 feet, 8 inches, 150 lbs.
Race: Human (Caucasian)
Gender: Male
Description: Thick brown hair (in need of a haircut), weathered tan skin, blue eyes, average build and looks, capable of fitting into a crowd easily. His homemade clothing is all roughly stitched together out of plain cloth, the pants stitched blue jeans, shoes of black and brown leather. His duster fits in with the times, and is also homemade, which conceals both his LeMat and his sword (sword on the left, LeMat on the right), knife tucked into a sheath on his belt, and a plain wooden cross on a leather necklace.
Concept: Misplaced Blessed Templar
Occupation: Misplaced Blessed, later Sheriff of Silverhoof [1878]
Corporeal Traits: Deftness 4d8, Nimbleness 3d8, Quickness 3d8 (3d6 originally), Strength 4d8 (3d6 originally), Vigor 4d8 (3d8 originally).
Mental Traits: Cognition 2d8, Knowledge 1d8, Mien 3d6, Smarts 4d8, Spirit 3d12+2 (originally 3d12).
Secondary Traits: Grit 3 (by 1878), Wind 22.
Gained Edges & Hindrances: As of 1878, Law Man 3, Rank 2, Obligation 3: Silverhoof and the surrounding area.
Hindrances: By the time 1878 rolled around, he bought off Secret Identity 2, Heroic 5, Heartless 3, Pacifist 3.
Heartless 3 The character isn’t necessarily Bloodthirsty (though she might be), but she is willing to commit murder to further her own goals. She doesn’t take glee in killing but doesn’t let it stand in her way either. Tom walked a fine line between Saint and Sinner with this one.
Edges: Originally Veteran o’ the Wasted West (Ugly as Sin 1, Omega Man, 10 points spent on aptitudes), Dinero 1 (Wasted West), Shoulder to Cry On (TN 9 Persuasion roll can get a person to talk about a subject), Arcane Background 3: Templar, Arcane Background 3: Blessed, Blessed Screw-Up 3.
Blessed Screw-Up 3
Savage Worlds
Nutshell, to avoid any legal issues, you go bust, you also get something good. Sure, you still suffer going bust (and all the consequences stemming from it), but something good happens as well. In Tom’s case, the fight against War/Raven (bust, but survived), 2094 Fight (leading to his appearance in 1874 Weird West), etc.
Templar Blessing: Jenny Hise (started with this one, paid for with edges), by the time 1878 rolled around, he would pick up Clara Clark (Saint of Mercy), John Wayne (Saint of Grit), Katy Blaze (Saint of Confidence), El Gato (Saint of Daredevils), Doc Norman (Patron Saint of the Lost), Simon (Saint of Determination).

In case you’re wondering how, brainer, Reckoners and their minions are not limited to the constraints of time (within reason that is, time travel was a one trick pony on their part). Tom’d spend a chip, Back to the Future II, it’d come back down the line to him.

Scrutinize 1
Search 1
Shootin’–Pistol 2
Speed-Load–Pistol 2
Academia–Occult 3
Area Knowledge–Deadwood (2094) 2, Colorado 2 (2094)
Medicine–General 2
Professional–Theology 1
Trade–Weaponsmithin’ 2
Tale-Tellin’ 2
Dodge 3
Drivin’–Cars 1
Fightin–Sword 5, Brawlin’ 5 (6 aptitude points)
Ridin’ 1
Sneak 1
Swimmin’ 1
Quick Draw–Sword 2, Pistol 2 (3 points)
Scroungin’ 2
Survival–Plains 2
Faith–Templar 5
Faith–Blessed 5
Guts 3
Fightin’ Moves (Brawlin’): Block Punch, Body Throw, Grab n’ Toss, Groin Shot, Kidney Punch.
Fightin’ Moves (Sword): Templars can use unique fighting moves (anyone can actually, with the proper weapon), but just like Brawlin’, in Tom’s case, he got ‘specializations’ (they gained a +2 bonus to offset penalties only). Figure Eight, Reverse Thrust, Sweep, Spinning Reverse Thrust, Disarm
Rewards (Templar): Lay on Hands 3, Guardian Angel 2.
Miracles (Blessed): Protection, Armor o’ Righteousness, Feast, Lay on Hands, Panacea, Sanctify, Smite, Wrath (these include those he earned during play time to 1878)
Gifts (Blessed): Divine Providence, Guardian Angel, Manna.

Rewards Edit: By the time 1878 rolled around, he would have Lay on Hands 5, Guardian Angel 5, and Deflect 2.

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#12 Postby Yendorma » Sat Mar 07, 2015 10:32 pm

And one of the other Marshal Badge bits: Shaky the Chicken.

See, that first session when the posse bought and used Shaky as a divining rod for terror (metagaming using another system’s rules), it struck me as original, inventive, and amusing (a grown woman walking around holding a rooster as a divining rod).

So, as Marshal, I sat down, shuffled, drew an amazing hand, and spun him like an Animal Sidekick as per Wasted West. Not loyal to anyone (at first), nor did the posse have to purchase him, he was, in effect, an NPC, source of amusement and comedy relief. See, Felicia, being a Kitsune, can naturally understand and speak to animals. This meant she and Shaky could have conversations (albeit limited).

As of 1878, that rooster was one mean thing you don’t mess with. He was adopted by the posse *into* the posse (Mess with Shaky, you mess with the posse).

Name: Shaky the Chicken. By 1878, he would pick up the title Scourge of Zombies.
Bounty Points: 151 earned, 124 spent.
Aptitude Points: 16 (Cognition + Smarts)
Chips: He drew from the same pot as the posse (I didn’t tell them that. What? Was the price of having Shaky around), and by 1878, that yard bird had 6 Red, 4 Blue, and, I kid you not, 2 Legend.

Corporeal Traits: Deftness 2d6, Nimbleness 4d12, Quickness 2d12, Strength 2d4, Vigor 4d8.
Mental Traits: Cognition 4d10, Knowledge 4d6, Mien 3d6, Smarts 3d6, Spirit 1d10
Secondary Traits: Grit 2, Wind 18
Hindrances: He had Small Breed 3, All Thumbs 4 (as in he can’t do a darn thing with his talons/beak beyond peck, crow, and scratch), Loyal 3.
Starting Edges: Ankle Spurs (STR; 2d4), Beak (STR-2; 2d4-2), Giant Killer 3 (Size 5 or larger, +1 die of damage), Light Sleeper 1, Sixth Sense 3, “The Stare” 1, Luck o’ the Chicken 5 (renamed Luck o’ the Irish), Sense o’ Direction 1.
Gained Edges: Rebel Yell 2, Unscented 3, Team Player 1 [As long as he makes a Surprise check, the character closest to them will also pass (automatically); with range up to the Marshal)
Mysterious Past: Soulful Eyes (For some reason, this animal can see ghosts and spirits even if they are incorporeal or invisible), Pedigree (Stitchin’ 1)
Words Understood: Eagle (Eegul), Felicia, Reginald, Tom, Mary, Bao, No, Yes, Run, House, Human (Hue-mon) (formerly Naked Chicken), Come here, Go home, Hide, Quiet/Shut Up, Stand Watch, Nip ‘em.
Aptitudes: Scrutinize 3, Search 3, Sneak 2, Fightin’: Brawlin’ 3 (later 5), Guts 4 (5 in 1878), Loyalty 4 (5 in 1878, Eventually would include Tom, Felicia, Reginald, Mary), Trackin’ 3, Area Knowledge–Farm 2, Silverhoof 2, Language 1 (English, obviously does not speak it, but understands it to a limited degree), Obedience 4, Overawe 3, Performin’-Crowing 1, Dodge 5, Swimmin’ 1.
Fightin’ Moves: Kidney Shot, Leaping Dodge (Nimbleness vs. Fightin’ total).

Waster, you're just dying to know how he picked up the title Scourge of Zombies. You'll just have to wait for the next adventures of the Silverhoof Posse (there are at least a dozen more, ranging from Weird West adventures 1874-1878, to Hell on Earth 2090).

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Banshee Bites

See marshal, I’d hand the star off to a couple of the posse, to play as Tom, and this tale happens to be one of those times.

The only “local” New Science dealer, lived a mile outside of town (by town law), titled
Mad Marty’s Marketable Merchandise. Sells discounted New Science items, warning up front, “Seller is not responsible for any injuries, deaths, mutilations, etc., on the part of the customer having purchased, and using, the merchandise.”

Discounted in the fashion of El Cheapo Gear (lowering the reliability even further). Only saving grace, Marty refused to sell New Science weaponry of any sort (including conventional weapons). Weapon accessories, yes. Weapons and ammunition themselves, no. Pacifist 3 hindrance. To compensate for that, Marty invented a water thrower (acid thrower, unable to use anything but water), which could knock a cowpoke down with a good shot or two (yes, he even had Quick Draw concentration on it).

Mary, the 10 year old mad scientist, got to know Marty well (New Science and all). Between the last tale and this one, in a side game, she purchased the farm and land that housed the ghost rock boiler ($50, land claim clerk didn’t know it had a $2000+ item in the basement, or used for making Patchwork monstrosities).

Mary’s chatting up with Marty, the pair brainstorming, rest of the posse nearby (she extended the invite to the posse if they need a place to stay, she has the farm house/land, and they took her up on it), when a shooting star appears in the evening sky (bout 5 pm or so), trajectory going to place it 2-3 miles away. The posse, not knowing what the heck it is, and wanting to head off trouble for their budding community (becoming a local of Silverhoof) raced to the crash site.

There, the size of a small wagon, a meteorite, impact crater and all, smoldering. Mary recognized it immediately: ghost rock! Holy cow a lot of ghost rock! Laying claim would have to wait, as tracks lead away from the meteorite (part of the exterior cracked open). Off they rode, following the tracks for a full day, until they caught up.

There, at the end of the trail, an ugly eel-like crone. Seeing the posse, guts checks passed/failed, she opened her jaws wide, and wailed, inspiring the idea that she’s a banshee of legend. They fought hard, to the death (the banshee gave no quarter), were just about to finish it off, when Reginald used soul blast, and drew a hand that made everyone cringe. Royal Flush, Spades, with the fifth card Black Joker. The marshal at the time, still learning the system, made a mistake that the posse took in stride.
Random determination, result came up ‘Strikes an ally’. Random determination of who got it, Felicia, Reginald’s lover and future wife.

The mistake the marshal made, handling how you can cancel out damage with chips. The damage, without chips to buy it off, killed her outright. That was the mistake the marshal made, and the posse took it in stride (I even pointed out, privately, the mistake made, after the tale finished, that Felicia had enough chips to buy off all the damage, or nearly so, leaving her critical, but not dead).

Soul Blast raced forth, hit Felicia, taking the flesh and muscle off her body. Tom, seeing the creature being put down by another posse member, rushed to Felicia’s aid. Reginald picked up Loco 3: Soul Blast, while Tom was doing his darnedest to heal her. Between Lay on Hands (Templar and Blessed), and spending chips, they restored her to life, not before she experienced having her flesh and muscle scorched off, restored, scorched off, etc. (the healing reset the damage, until brought down to critically injured, rather than maimed).

The creature dead, Felicia stabilized, the posse opted to camp there for a day, to give her time to heal, and be healed. Reginald approached Tom during that time, and thanked him for saving Felicia’s life. He got all bashful, blushing, kicked at the dirt as he replied, “I would’ve done it for any of you.”

Back to the impact site they went, shocked at what they found. The meteorite of ghost rock, gone! Tracks everywhere indicating it was picked cleaner than a vulture’s meal. Mary began to loose it (the character’s behavior was disturbing the players), so Reginald stepped up as she ranted and swore vengeance on those claim jumpers, and buffaloed her. Out cold, returned back to town, stopping at Marty’s first. Marty, overjoyed that the posse’s ok, informed them he bought some of that ghost rock (one of the scavengers sold their share to him), and he’s studying it.

Back to town, Mary nursing a grudge at being buffaloed (in and out of game), they regrouped, recovered, and the tale rolled into the next adventure.
Note: It was only later, the marshal who herded the posse that adventure, pointed out Mad Marty reminds him of Doc Brown, from Back to the Future. I looked back over Mad Marty, and realized, in a way, I did.
Note #2: I was reminded by one of the players of Mary's contribution to the battle.
Seems Mary, the 10 year old mad scientist, had built herself a dynamite thrower, and wasn't afraid to use it. I know what you're thinking, she had the greatest luck on reliability rolls. The one time a roll failed, the degree of failure as Minor. Yes, none of the posse stood near her whenever she used that thing.
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#14 Postby Jimsolo » Sun Mar 08, 2015 1:52 pm

I like the Giant Killer and Team Player edges. Did you make those up?

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#15 Postby Yendorma » Sun Mar 08, 2015 2:09 pm


Back in the saddle again as Marshal, sharing notes with the other marshal (now turned posse member), ran with those notes. That ghost rock skyrocketed in price, easily four to five times the value of normal ghost rock, once its properties were discovered. See, used like ghost rock, it cut the weight in half (so that 4 pound item, of normal ghost rock, weighing 2 pounds, now weighed one pound using the newly discovered ghost rock).

I bet you’re wondering about the downside, huh marshal? It generated energy similar to irradiated ghost rock (type found in Hell on Earth). The bigger the piece, the bigger the exposure. As the g-ray count climbed, the people/users became more prone to violence. After you accumulated enough exposure, you’d pick up Bloodthirsty and Mean as a Rattler hindrances.

The posse, dealing with business in town proper, didn’t know that little fact. Neither did Marty (his exposure reached critical mass near the end of his project). If those damned fools in town wouldn’t embrace technology, he’d force it on them. He built a half sphere cannon (twice as tall as a man, reminiscent of a WWII tank cannon), and fired on the town.

All hell broke loose when that energy came crashing down on the town. It enveloped the entire town, thrust Silverhoof into the future. Carriages turned into cars, oil street lamps became electric, buildings bigger, stronger, and up to 1970s code. Everything in town, at the time of the incident, jumped to 1974. This included indoor toilets (but not the plumbing, since there was no plumbing there during the incident, nothing for it to change). People were left as is, as were other wildlife/creatures, only non-living items were changed.

Martin, town sheriff, Reginald, Felicia and Tom his deputies, had their hands full calming the townsfolk, instructing them to go home, stay indoors, they’re handling it. Opposed Mien/Spirit rolls, townsfolk reluctantly went home. Martin told his deputies, he can handle it now, and go find out what in tarnation that man did.

Posse rode out to Mad Marty’s, stopped short in awe at the cannon he built. Marty ranted and raved about what he did (“I showed those ignorant townsfolk the future! They’ll have to embrace it now!”), the posse ran down their options, decided on taking Marty into custody (brawlin’ rules came into play).

Tom suggested a variant of ghost rock fever, that can be cured by a favor or miracle. Felicia called in a favor, purged Marty of his ‘ghost rock fever’, sheepishly realized what he did, and the posse struck a deal. “We don’t tell anyone what happened, or who was responsible. Marty, you take that thing apart, we’ll hold our end of the deal.”

Marty agreed, began to disassemble it, posse returning to Silverhoof to keep an eye on the townsfolk through the night. By morning, the town reverted back to its old 1874 self, sorta. Silverhoof back to normal, except for six buildings, dead center of the energy impact.
Sheriff’s office became a 1974 Police Station.
City Hall & Clerk’s Office, merged into one building, a modern (1974) city hall.
Bank (across from the sheriff’s office) remained modern (1974).
Only hotel in town, now an eight story brick affair
Gut Rot Saloon, remained Gut Rot Pool Hall
Gentleman’s Refuge, a private club open to men only (specifically white men), changed into a strip club (remained so).

Marshal Badge
Curious about that ghost rock I bet. See, the marshal running that tale, didn’t have time to read Weird West or Hell on Earth indepth, knew enough to run an adventure or three (I supplied key, behind the badge, information, since the player is good enough not to metagame, on any level).

His notes on that ghost rock, what little knowledge he had on hand, impressed me. See, he knew what ghost rock was made of (not spoiling that for you readers), and this stuff was different. Ever wonder what happens to a manitou (or a horde of) who are not worth the time to defeat, destroy, or assign to a task on Earth? The marshal invented ghast rock (manitous, turned into ghost rock). He didn’t know about g-rays, irradiated ghost rock, etc., which is why the effects surprised me.

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Hunting Ground Hijinks

Like I said marshal, order of these tales might be off, lacking some details, but they’ll be told.
Reginald had night terrors hindrance, which manifested itself as imprisonment and torment by a powerful manitou..

Felicia found out about this, and whoa nelly. She was madder than a wet hen in a storm barrel. In Silverhoof, a competing saloon to the Silvershoe (Bao’s place of employment), South of Denver Saloon, the sole owner and bar dog, an Indian known as Stone Arrow. His accuracy with a bow (would challenge select patrons if they could hit a bullseye, the drink is on him), and durability (high Vigor), is how he earned his name.

Felicia, a budding shaman, sought out others to help instruct her in the proper path of a shaman. Stone Arrow happened to be a powerful shaman, took Felicia under his wing. Stone Arrow, being Tribeless, received visions from the spirits of Silverhoof. Stone Arrow listened, came to Silverhoof, struck a spot of luck in gaining ownership of South of Denver Saloon.

They had talked at length about the spirits, Hunting Grounds, abominations, etc. Arrow fascinated by Felicia’s origins (kitsune), and Felicia fascinated by his knowledge.

So when Felicia found out about his night terrors, she believed a spirit quest was the answer to fixing it. For this, she turned to Stone Arrow for help. He informed her if the creature’s defeated on the Hunting Grounds, Reggie will be freed from his torment. Rounding up the posse, on her limited shamanistic information, attempted to go on a spirit quest. I, the Marshal, struck dumb for plot, picked that up and ran.

Ceremony conducted in Stone Arrow’s attached lodge (dirt floor, fire pit, etc.), he warned the posse. “You can die there just as you can here. But there, your soul’s now the plaything of whomever killed you.”

Posse gathered, ceremony conducted, woke up in the Hunting Grounds, entire posse but Felicia buck naked. She didn’t tell Arrow, or the posse, she lucked upon changing the ritual just a hair, sending her physically there (reason why, she was strapped with enough hog legs to start a shooting competition).

Babes lost in the woods, Felicia called upon the spirits for aid, and they heard her. A thunderbird (one of the upper reaches of totem animals for shamans), landed and took the posse upon its’ back. It informed them, “I can take you to where your fate awaits, but I cannot go with you.”

Zipped through the Hunting Grounds to the manitou’s little slice of hell, began their multi-stage quest to free Reggie from his night terrors. Loosely based on Harrowed and Dominion, they would face twelve trials, and if success was in their favor at the end, the manitou would face off with them.

Marshal, I wish I could tell you I remember each of the twelve trials they faced, but I’d be lyin’ through my teeth. The backdrop to the trials changed with each trial, one of two I can recall, took place on a train.

Posse one side, bandits on the other, holding the passengers hostage. If they tried to shoot the bandits, they would kill all the passengers (outnumbered the posse by far, Sitting Bull and Custer style). They would be allowed to pass, unharmed, and wouldn’t harm the passengers, if something valuable was shared.

Took a bit of thinkin’ and talkin’, the posse struck upon the only thing of value they had: secrets. Things they haven’t even told the others. Not the ‘body in the root cellar’ type, but deep secrets they kept to themselves.

Bao, in side games/developing plot, kept waking up and finding bits of clothing waiting. She’d put it on, discovered they are manitous in clothing form, assigned to this task, by Asmodeous, the incarnation of lust. She spilled to the group that secret, others joining in, only Tom remained quiet.

All or nothing to pass, he took a deep breath, and paid his passage. “My real name is Ronan Morris, and I was born in Deadwood of 2057.” Posse shocked, were allowed to continue on.

They made it through the twelve trials, to face down the manitou that tormented Reggie during his night terrors. Said manitou had a glimpse of the future (actually, read it from Tom’s mind), terrain changed to a post apocalypse city, lair in a gymnasium.

Damned if they did, damned if they didn’t, pressed onward to the final showdown. Hog legs, abilities, sneakin’ about, freed Reggie from the cage holding him, then bushwhacked the manitou and his minions.

No quarter was given, or asked. The posse fought tooth and nail, lead and hex, against that sumbitch. During the fight, Tom, meant as a sacrificial lamb (if the posse needed a guy to take that fall, he was it; or to heal), having chips up his sleeve (including a couple legend), began to spend ‘em for the posse.

His determination caught the blessing of Simon (Saint of Determination), fighting on the posse’s behalf. Reggie and the manitou went hex to claw, and Tom used an ace up his sleeve. See, marshal, Legend chip when you have Simon’s blessing, allows you to use any greater reward for your faith in minutes. He used it, activating a greater reward that forced the manitou to reroll the equivalent of his hexslingin’ skill, forced to take the worse of the two. Reggie was about to catch a bolt o’ doom (a very lethal ‘roll up a new cowpoke, pardner’ one), when Tom stepped up, spent that chip, and it petered into a knife wound.

The manitou slain (or so they believed) by the posse, all of them injured to some degree, Felicia got lucky opening a portal, as reinforcements swarmed the area. Tom, three wounds to his guts, stood his ground and told the posse to get out, he’ll hold the swarm off. John Wayne, Saint of Grit, caught wind of that, and gave his blessing to Tom.
He fought hard, only going through after everyone else went first (Felicia went last, sealing the portal behind her).

Back in the South of Denver Saloon, Reggie was freed from his contract and night terrors (after buying it off), Felicia healed Tom of his wounds, and celebrated.

Edit: Correction on the 'after buying ti off' portion. Since I had no darn clue to plot that night, and that posse made that leap of faith (stupidity? Depends who you ask), I let the posse member drop the hindrance, free and clear.

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Jimsolo wrote:I like the Giant Killer and Team Player edges. Did you make those up?

Team Player comes from Savage Worlds, Giant Killer, I think the same. Do hope it's alright to share.

Giant Killer 3
Source: Savage Worlds
The bigger they are, the harder they are to kill. At least for most. But your hero knows how to find the weak points in massive creatures.

Your hero does one extra die of damage when attacking creatures three sizes or more larger than himself. So someone Size 6, would gain the extra die of damage against anything Size 9+. In Shaky's case, Size 5+ (I figured 'oh hey, that'll be good for him, and he's size 2. How often will he be tangling with Size 6+ critters?')

Team Player 1
Source: Savage Worlds Supers
Requirements: Appropriate coordination or aptitude of 2d4, 2d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12 or higher

Team players know how best to assist and benefit from their fellow heroes in the midst of battle. For purposes of surprise and defense, as long as the character with this Edge succeeds at the related aptitude or coordination, the character closest to them benefits as well.

If the character with this Edge makes a Surprise check, the character closest to them will also pass (automatically). This also includes defense rolls when attacked from behind (the target retains their full defense, as long as the character with this edge is immediately nearby).

Shaky's case, some critter or brainer trying to sneak up on the naked chickens, he'd let loose a squawk, rooster call, etc.

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Time Traveling Trouble
It's a long one, and only part one

Rounding the bend marshal to how Shaky gained his honorary title of Scourge of Zombies.

In an effort on my part to try to interest them in Hell on Earth, this adventure jumped the timestream. Posse went back to Marty’s to help dismantle that new science cannon he made. Pieces fell, flash of white light, opened their eyes.

The posse wasn’t in Kansas anymore marshal. In fact, they were not even in Colorado. The mishap didn’t kill or harm them, the downside, when they opened their eyes, it wasn’t 1874 anymore. Ever see a brick yard that has mounds and mounds of bricks, small rolling hills, just bricks? That’s where they wound up.

Tom immediately became depressed and brooding, the place familiar to him. Posse wondered aloud, “Anyone seen Shaky?” Flap of wings, Reggie’s hat ruined as Shaky took up his favorite nesting spot.

They went into survival mode. One, find shelter. Two, food and water. Three, their location. Each rolled up scroungin’ or survival, and came up diddly with a side of squat. Me, curiosity, and a ‘what the heck’ mood, rolled scroungin’ for Shaky. That bird had the dice explode, two raises, if not more. Little .22 pistol, good shape. Anything he found, he’d hunker down on (like a hen with an egg). Hindsight, I like to think he found a strange, shiny object, claim it by sitting down on it, only to be chased off by the posse, squawking up a storm in protest. Being absolutely lost, Tom grabbed the blessing of Doc Norman, Patron Saint of the Lost.

I know what you’re thinking marshal, ‘That’s cheatin’ helpin’ the posse like that.’ If Shaky went bust on his scroungin’ roll, they *all* suffered. You can probably guess where this is leading to.

Shaky slipped out of view of the posse, scroungin’ as the posse did the same, went bust. He ran into the posse squawking up a storm. Felicia, being able to understand him, got the translation. “Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Craaaaaaaaaaap!” Going bust, walkin’ dead found him, and like any scared animal, ran the heck back to the posse.

Guts checks passed, posse went first (cards were nice that night), walkin’ dead, then Shaky and Tom. Six posse, fourteen or so walkin’ dead, eager for a larger serving of brains than a rooster could offer.

Scrappin’ ensued, posse taking wounds (chipping them down), I figure, heck, to help/motivate the posse, I’ll throw Shaky at the walkin’ dead. Marshal, that rooster made nice with Lady Luck, and she made nice back. Brawlin’ roll, hit and at least one raise, Kidney Shot came into play. ‘Heck, he can only do 2d4 brawlin’ damage, he won’t do much.’ Kidney Shot, the dice exploded, and when I say exploded, I mean EXPLODED. That rooster inflicted 30+ Wounds on that walkin’ dead’s head.

The game paused in shock. The posse couldn’t believe it, and neither could I. Shaky, that rooster they bought for $5, source of comedy and moral support, just tore the head off a walkin’ dead with his talons. Shock wore off, combat resumed; posse, walkin’ dead, Shaky and Tom. Walkin’ dead couldn’t hit that bird (and they tried). Shaky’s turn comes up. Brawlin’, Kidney Shot activated (hit+raise), the game slowed as the posse waited for the damage. Sumbitch of a rooster had the dice explode AGAIN! When they stopped exploding, final result, 35 wounds to the walkin’ dead’s head, tearing it off.

By now, they had dispatched the other walkin’ dead, only one a threat (maimed legs, it was on the ground). Shaky’s action came round, brawlin’ roll exploded, damage dice exploded, he chicken scratched the last one’s head to pulp. For his stroke of luck, Shaky got his first legend chip (as Marshal, I proposed the idea, posse agreed).

Entire posse, and their Marshal, were shocked, again. Shaky the Chicken (Rooster), took down three by himself. Shock broken by Tom (NPC) speaking up
"...did...did that rooster just tear the head off of three zombies?..."
"...yes, yes he did."
"...I have the highest respect for that bird."

His thinking, ‘I got woken up by Felicia, Reggie, and that rooster. I jokingly asked ‘is that chicken loaded’. Holy crap, that bird *is* loaded.’

Patching up their injured, spent a week of scroungin’ in the area for supplies. Turned up some canned food, clothes, shelter, even found a van and pickup buried amongst the rubble (van lacked a tire, and fuel, the pickup completely buried, no fuel). I know Marshal, ‘how did that happen?’ Tom was scroungin’, and he went bust. He found the van by twisting his ankle in the darned thing, and the pickup, he got ambushed by more walkin’ dead.

During the week, Tom, a shadow of his former cheery self, sat the posse down, broke the news to them. The happy/cheery Tom, he left this place, to a simpler time, where the weather didn’t try to kill you, mutants didn’t exist, and abominations are lower in number. He began to give the posse the rundown on the world, dangers, threats, known settlements.

Naturally, the posse suffered future shock, wore off three days into the scroungin’ and rundown. They posed legitimate questions to Tom, who did his best to explain, even answered the big one, ‘If this is the future, what the heck is the point of fightin’ back in 1874?’

“Time can’t be rewritten, what happened, happened. The effects can be lessoned. Know why I believe that? Ghast rock Did. Not. Exist. in my timeline. Historically, it never existed, didn’t even hear about it until we encountered it in 1874. *That* gives me confidence, faith, and hope, that we can lesson the apocalypse, but not change it.” Marshal, didn’t have that scripted, planned, on the fly, that’s how he answered the question.

The posse would spend a week and change in that area, getting the rundown on the world, technology, scroungin’, etc. Not peacefully, Mother Nature took a dislike to the posse, sending black rain and other goodies on ‘em (random encounter chart lifted from Savage Worlds: Hell on Earth, tossed the bones at least 1-2 times a day, came up with bad weather, or encounters they shied away from). That is, until a road gang turned up.

The posse would do some scouting now and then, layout of the area. One evening, while returning from recon, a road gang roared through. Everyone made their sneak rolls to remain hidden, observing. Road gang a tough one, three motorcycles, pickup truck (driver, passenger, passenger in the truck bed), and a station wagon (driver, three passengers), all armed (rifles, pistols, nothing truly heavy).

Marshal, I should say, almost all of the posse made their sneak rolls. Bao failed hers, nearly bust. Tom, being the good natured NPC that he is, realized their headlights would silhouette Bao against the night sky, making her a sitting duck, took the initiative. Positioned to the right side of one of the motorcycles, in cover, jumped up, rushed down the brick pile, and cold cocked the driver (brawlin’ damage just to knock him off/take his bike). Ganger knocked clean off the bike, Tom climbed on, revved the engine, shouted at the other road gang members. “Come and get some you mutie loving sons of bitches!”
Driving roll succeeded, sped off through the center of the gang, drawing them away.

Marshal, rather than have the action take place off camera, I proposed to the posse, “I can either take this off screen, or each of you can play one of the road gang chasing after Tom.” Not so surprisingly, they jumped on board with the idea of trying to kill Tom (amusing to me, he’d still be an NPC, the road gangers now PCs).

I gave them the gangers’ abilities, gear, which vehicle they were in (they were playing ones who were not driving), even had them draw fate chips (hey, they were playing them as PCs at that point). Let the show begin! Marshal, the details will be iffy, long ago after all, but I’ll do my best to list them all.

Tom’s bold action put him ahead of the others, all of whom raced to catch up. One handed (taking a penalty on all his actions), he exchanged gunfire. His first shot hit one of the bikers square in the chest (who failed his stun check and crashed), took a wound from the other biker (made his stun check). Second shot hit the biker’s tire, forcing a drivin’ check, and failed, crashing to a halt.

Pickup and station wagon closed the gap, after he took a shot to the leg (wound, stun check passed, drivin’ roll passed, kept on going), hit the brakes trying to cause the two cars to shoot past him, went bust. Blessed Screw Up in play, suffered a crash result, given they were on either side and closing in, went with sandwiching Tom and the bike. Tom took a wound to each leg, but now in a prime position to climb aboard one of the two vehicles (if he passed a strength check). That action garnered the attention of El Gato, Saint of Daredevils.

Strength check passed, clamored into the bed of the pickup, the ganger therein armed with a sawed off shotgun. Fired, catching Tom full in the chest, between chips and the chest armor, took a wound. Fair’s fair, fired the 16 gauge buckshot on his LeMat, luck of the bones came up noggin’, did a syker proud in busting that melon.

Lady ganger riding shotgun, fired her pistol at Tom, narrowly missed. Shootin’ too chaotic, quick drew his sword, stuck the driver through the head like a pig. Obviously, the now dead driver failed his drivin’ check, result, sideswipe crash into the station wagon. Sideswipe gave an opening, Tom took it, and went Bust. Trying to jump onto the station wagon, he made it, after taking brawlin’ damage to the arm (representing wrenching his shoulder), passed the Vigor roll, Strength roll, hung on tight.

The pickup slowed to a stop, wrangled his way into the station wagon, and it was guns at a knife fight. Bloody mess all over the inside, the wagon suffered a controlled crash (at this point, Tom was the only living thing inside, *barely* managed a drivin’ roll to get the wagon to stop). The lady riding shotgun in the pickup went bust on her Guts check, got the hell out of Dodge, circling back to the crashed bikers. She found the biker with a chest wound, put a round in his noggin’, grabbed the bike and fled.

Final Status:
Tom, wounded all over (highest injury four wounds, other locations at least one wound each)
Station Wagon Crew KIA
Pickup Crew KIA (except for the lady riding shotgun)
Bikers, KIA (one executed by the lady stealing his ride, other suffered damage in the crash and bled to death)

Medicine: General rolls, Tom stopped the bleeding, between his Templar/Blessed Lay on Hands, stable, but stranded. Double checked the vehicles, dumping the bodies out, climbed into the bed of the pickup, propped himself up, and rested.

Marshal, we were all surprised by the outcome. Tom, an NPC/sometimes PC, took on a road gang, and came away the only one alive (he didn’t know of the biker who got away). Back in their original roles, the posse proper (Felicia, Reggie, Mary, Shaky, Bao), followed the trail of destruction, gathered the discarded stuff (and looted the bodies), stopped seeing the truck and station wagon. Area littered with bodies, Tom bloodied all to heck, catching his breath in the pickup (Cognition rolls failed, the posse thought he was dead), they displayed a cocktail of emotions when he sat up. Shock, relief, happiness, gratefulness (saving the posse’s hide by drawing the other gangers away).

Felicia and Reggie helped finish healing Tom, took the vehicles, equipment, shanked each head (no walkin’ dead to come back), returned to their little shelter (a basement with three intact corners).

Week and some change spent in the area, getting their shelter set, looking for food (helped Tom possessed the Manna Gift, and the miracles Feast and Grace), Shaky ducks out of view, only to come back running to the group squawking. Up over one of the mounds, roared a dirt bike, came down hard, managed not to wreck. The rider, an advanced scout for a trading caravan, happened to see Shaky, and chased down a chicken (rooster).

The posse stuck to their motto, ‘You mess with Shaky, you mess with the posse.’ And armed up, putting the rider at the business end of several firearms, ready to fire if he proved hostile. “That your chicken?”
“He’s a rooster, yes, he’s ours.”
He explained his role, trading caravan, not looking for trouble. Even offered to go back and tell the caravan some wasters have trade goods. Posse agreed, he said 5-10 minutes, roared off, true to his word, returned with some of the caravan to do some tradin’. Prices little higher than normal (25-50% above book price), but luck was with the posse. They had spare fuel (spook juice), ammunition, even a tire for the van. Caravan even threw in information for free (case you’re wondering, they traded the truck, now dug out of the rubble, to the caravan). Turns out, Posse landed 2-3 days northeast of Movie Town (1-2 days in a working vehicle). Between the looted bikers, the van, buried pickup truck, station wagon, and ganger pickup, the posse was rolling in dinero (not for long).

Southwest the posse traveled, giving lessons in driving (the station wagon, truck, and van, carefully driven), other than Hell on Earth weather, peaceful trek to Movie Town. Helps they traveled with the caravan.

Movie Town! Lights! Camera! Action! Terrible situation, the posse were in awe of movies (bartered goods for tickets), spent a week there. Trade goods (they still had a huge chunk left), purchased shelter, food, water, and some road warrior modifications to the truck and van. That mechanic finished the modifications a week later, presented the posse a Truck-Van, the bastard child of a truck, APC, and van. Did odd jobs for the people around Movie Town. Marshal, a sensitive topic, Mary, the 10 year old Mad Scientist, got propositioned by three brainers, to star in a movie. Mary, an ignorant 1870s kid, skipped over to Bao (by this point, her legal guardian), and proudly said, “They said I can star in a movie mommy!”

Soon as she said that, the three brainers were trying to shrink into the background, faster yet when the posse caught on to what kind of movie they wanted to make (Reggie, Felicia and Tom, stared daggers at the trio, hastening their departure).

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Time Traveling Trouble Take 2
“How I Learned to Stop Hating and Love the Dragon”

During their stay, the posse was approached by a merchant, who wanted to hire them to resolve a problem plaguing Movie Town. Some biker gang kept hassling shipments coming out of Movie Town. Their leader known as Lady Dragon, meanest, nastiest arse kicker this side of Movie Town’s walls, trademark pair of minotaur horns growing out of her head (functional), and a lethal breath weapon (can you say short range soul blast kids? I knew you could). She didn’t hit every caravan going out, only ones carrying Director’s films.

Half up front, what bartering goods that remained, went out and stocked up on supplies (ammunition, food, water, fuel). In doing so, ran across a woman eating and drinking at a cafe popular and successful before the War, not as much now. Wasn't the woman who caught their attention, ok, it was, the fact she had a poncho clad Hellstromme Automaton standing beside her, didn't hurt.

Gray haired, friendly, warm, grandmother ready to give cookies to kids (and buckshot to abominations if need be) woman named Svetlana, and her traveling companion, Rocky, a 2040 Hellstromme Automaton wearing a poncho. Anywhere else but Movie Town, the pair would draw stares, whispers, and probably gunfire.

Svetlana traveled through time the long way, she lived it. Started her path walking in the shoes of a huckster, accompanied by a weird crew of cowpokes, whom either vanished into the mists of history, retired, or died as heroes. Marshal, Svetlana is one of the narrators for my other post, Hell’s on Earth: Back East (erroneously titled ‘Fixing Hell on Earth to make sense’).

Time, being what it is, the posse hadn’t met 1870s Svetlana yet, and she hadn’t met them either. Fascinated by a ‘tame’ Hellstromme Automaton, sat down (with permission) at Svet’s table, enjoying a drink and light meal. Age only sharpened her abilities, kept off of Stone’s radar by retiring here and there for a decade or three.

She bought them drinks, grub, real friendly, asked how they got to Movie Town. Posse reluctant at first, opened up some of their books, and shared a few pages. She listened, shared in return what she knew, including Rocky’s origins (a trip to the Hunting Grounds, plus a binding ritual on Earth, stuck that manitou to her service ((eventually, Rocky found helping Svet enjoyable, became friends of sorts, more so since his current life is far better than the Hunting Grounds one)).

Posse mentioned their next job, Svetlana showed concern, asked if she and Rocky could travel with them (only so far). They figured why not, loaded up, and off to find Lady Dragon and her gang.

Marshal, Lady Dragon’s mission was to stop specific shipments (those with the Director’s Fear Level lowering ones), and she did, with a vengeance. About time the posse rolled out to lock horns, she got word from down low to head home, drawing the brainers along.

Lady Dragon and gang, left the area of Movie Town, heading northeast in a flurry, leading the brainers to Adin. See Marshal, they didn’t know it at the time, nor would find out anytime soon, Lady Dragon’s boss was none other than Atheron. She wasn’t a host, just a servitor, and she loved it. Reputation alone, wasters jumped through ghost rock storms to get out of her path.

Marshal, little divergence from Hell on Earth: Road Warriors. Derrick Holmes, Demon Hunter, Atheron’s nemesis, suffered a stroke of bad luck. Instead of getting his brains scrambled by Hammer, Mother Nature (in partnership with abominations), kept him from returning to the farmhouse and performing the binding ritual. Hammer and company, found the farmhouse, Hammer ate one of the three hearts, viola, Atheron returned.

How did Lady Dragon get involved in Atheron, the latter still bound? Arianna (as the posse would later know her as), had roots in City o’ Gloom (Junkyard). Arianna’s father a member of the clergy, devout Mormon, lost his mind shortly before Judgment Day. Subtle influences, feelings of déjà vu, his behavior changed. Devout Mormon to the end, he came to believe following the rest of the Mormons when they left Junkyard, was wrong, and convinced a large following that they should all head west when Judgment Day arrived. All told, sixty made the journey west, destination “.a place safe from gentiles, abominations, and the judgment of God.”

West they went, So Cal, north of the City of Lost Angels, an underground cavern with only one access point, easily guarded (and sealed if need be). Inside supplies, facilities, resources enough to keep sixty people in survivor luxury for twenty or more years. Sixty went inside, fifty-nine didn’t come out. Cavern’s stock pure (evil) luck, a long forgotten cache from Cult of Atheron. All sixty inside, her father sealed the entrance, and commenced an ungodly ritual sacrifice. A lethal game of cat and mouse lasted three weeks, Arianna saved for last (tenacious survivor, intelligent, in good health, and an unspoken desire by Atheron to her father to make her the last one). Run to ground, trapped, Arianna heard a whisper, promising power, safety, for just two little acts. Servitude, and patricide. Arianna agreed, endowed with dark powers, shocked her father when he approached, knife in hand. An upward thrust caught in Arianna’s strong hands, twisted, snapping bone, tendon, flesh, reversed the blade and jammed it, her father’s hands, and her own hands, through the breastbone.

After that, Arianna became Lady Dragon, spent the first few years post Judgment Day putting together a road gang that terrorized their way from So Cal, to Adin, and everywhere in between. Orders received in dreams, gored or blasted upstarts in her gang, last assignment, sack Movie Town trade caravans, to draw the posse to Adin.

The posse roared out to lock horns with Dragon and her gang, were shocked as she turned tail (so to speak) and drove off. Naturally, the posse followed seeking to do good by ending the source of the threat.

Half a day’s ride behind Dragon’s gang, sought shelter outside of Adin (two miles or so), black rain rolling through the sky in their direction. Under shelter, rested, before long, it had passed, the posse still asleep, Lady Luck showing some love, as nothing bothered them.

Shaky and Lady Luck had differing opinions, he wandered north towards Adin, a voice in the breeze beckoning him onward, pleas for help. Tom woke a little after Shaky left, foolishly went north after him without informing the posse (ok, he left a note for when they woke up, still foolish).

Shaky’s luck picked up, the Hell Riders in town captured the rooster alive, took him to Red Eye’s home (basement of the Gilchrist home). Tom, tracking down that wayward rooster, posse member, and good luck charm, crept through Adin, stopping within sight of the Gilchrist home. Three bikers wearing what looked like iron plate armor, sent up a red flag.

Blessed Screw Up came back for a visit, Tom going bust on his sneak roll, surprised the gangers, but not before they shouted an alarm. Combat ensued, his LeMat couldn’t hammer through the iron plates they wore (AV 3, in exchange, suffered a hit to Deftness, Nimbleness, and Quickness), drew his sword, reenacting a Dempsy World Medieval Theme Park battle.

Wounded, killed two, knocked out by the third, captured, regained consciousness in Red Eye’s home, restrained by other gangers. “Take them to the temple,” someone commanded, Tom and Shaky shared a sheepish look (sheepish on Shaky’s part, Tom’s part more ‘Oh you damn rooster...’). Hogtied, driven further northeast.

By now, the posse woke up, read the note, swore at both (Tom and Shaky), started up the Tank Truck, drove to Adin. Half mile out of town, locked down and covered up the Tank Truck, approached on foot. Southwest, approached the grocery store, followed the tracks, encountered Caleb and Marly, failed Scrutinize rolls, swallowed the cover story hook, line, sinker (and croaker), invited to dinner with Red Eye.

Posse sat down for dinner, ate the stew, started passing out. Two of the posse members shook off the effects, picked a fight. Took some wounds, came out on top, killing Red Eye. Caleb and Marly told the real story, posse felt pity, gave a portion of their supplies to the pair, *just* in time for a large Hell Rider patrol to roll in. Posse came out, armed, were about to pick a fight (I was expecting a slaughter of the posse), Felicia tossed the bones, activating Meat Puppet on the patrol’s leader. Marshal, the player proposed new abilities not knowing all the abilities available, I countered with “Oh, that sounds like you want to develop X syker ability.” Bounty points paid, Felicia began to develop non-syker abilities (for ease of play, we used the equivalent syker powers, just renamed them, kept the limitations). Note: She also developed the syker power of Memory Maker, in her efforts to find a way to heal Mary’s grudge against Reginald (it was being disruptive, the character *and* the player, held a grudge against Reginald and the player). Succeeded on the roll, erased the memory. In an amusing touch, she used it on Shaky, plunking in the memory of all the hens at the farm fighting over him (I allowed it, amusing and cute). Memory Maker Edit: The person playing Mary, held a grudge against the person playing Reginald, *and* Mary held a grudge against Reginald, hence the need to make amends via memory maker. Shaky's memory was in fact All the hens fighting over him, being the rooster that he is, convinced all the hens to be his.

Leader under Felicia’s control, he (the patrol leader) told his guys to stand down, the strangers are coming with them (under guard), and gave them a one way lift to Atheron’s Temple. I skipped immediately to Chapter Four of Hells’ Riders, arriving at Atheron’s Temple.

Marshal, I know, ‘ok players, roll up new characters’, if not for one surprise coming down the line. They were taken to the car dealership/HQ, Atheron out of town, left Lady Dragon and Gorazel in charge. Disarmed, under guard, escorted to a former office now bedroom/living quarters for Lady Dragon. Centerpiece, a king sized bed, sheets, mattress, blankets, all in prime shape. Lady Dragon greeted them by the door, posse asked about Tom and Shaky. That got a confused ‘who the hell are you talking about?’ look, until they described both.
“That rooster? Caged up. Tom!” she shouted.
The blankets moved, Tom sheepishly peering at the group, naked (he didn’t expose more than his shoulders/chest, and they were grateful for that). “Hey guys, we’re ok.”

The posse hit the roof, tempers blown sky high. “We thought you were dead!” “You were *here* banging *her!?*”, and other less savory remarks.
Lady Dragon smirked, “Keep them here, I have duties that need attending.” Left the posse, Tom, and Shaky, in her room, guards posted outside the door.
Tom got read the riot act (the posse looked elsewhere as he got dressed), he countered (after fully dressed, unarmed). “Hey! She gave me a choice. The bed or the slab. Slab I’d be dead, bed, I’d have a chance.”

In his defense, Lady Dragon was selected by Atheron’s agents for her high intellect, beauty, and street smarts (this Atheron made his choices on the quality of the meat suit, not quantity). I will post her stats (based on Gorazel’s) later.

Marshal, I wish I could remember how this went down, but I can’t. Somehow the posse managed to convince Lady Dragon to take the group to the City of Lost Angels, specifically The Dead Pool. To ensure their cooperation, Lady Dragon had Tom ride, backseat on her street hog, soldiers driving other vehicles (posse kept under guard during the trip).

The Dead Pool, Fear Level 6
When Judgment Day occurred, and Famine rode her horse into the City of Lost Angels, she found a tough nut to crack, Cathedral of the Church of Lost Angels. The church had enough supplies to last a long, long siege, fortifications so great, Famine couldn’t break in.

One last push by Famine, the gates were opened, giving her access to the defenders. In this game, Marshal, the priests were betrayed by a very small group of their own, called down a bolt of lightning that sank the immediate area. Famine came away alive, her horse, was dead.

The Dead Pool marks the spot where this occurred, rumors abound of artifacts one can find below, if you risk your life diving. Waters had walkin’ dead, croakers, sharks, you name it, it was there.

Now, this was another time I turned the badge over to a posse member, the same one who came up with Banshee Bites. Said Marshal proposed the betrayal, and explained the priests’ fate after the adventure (which I will explain after the tale).

Lady Dragon herded the posse along the new shoreline, looking for a boat to rent/buy. They got a battered vessel at an unfair price, large enough to hold them all, went out towards The Dead Pool. They arrived in peace, began to survey the area, shocked as a mound of bones rose out of the waters, a dry tunnel. Where it led, they didn’t know, took the bait.

Posse got the boat over, disembarked into the tunnel, discovered it went down below the water. Walls made of bones, sinew, so tightly woven to be watertight. It opened into another bone themed room, a waiting room, lit by select skulls (shined with holy light). Guts check upon meeting their host, a skeleton wearing the garb of a Priest of the Church of Lost Angels. Naturally, he (she?) didn’t have much to say, lead the way into a sanctuary made of bones, complete with bone organ (being played). Other skeletons, adorned in the garb of Church members, eerily tended to their duties, as if still alive.

Sorry Marshal, another spot of ‘I can’t recall’. The posse were allowed some scroungin’ rolls, and found rather interesting items, including a skull, made so as the place started to fill with water, the cathedral sinking lower into the waters once more.

They scrambled out, got to the surface, mutant maze dragon attacked. Reginald went hex to fang with it, jumping at the open maw, and hex blew the dragon to bits, sacrificing himself. To say Felicia was angry, wouldn’t do it justice. She was fuming as much as a Doomie sets off a Geiger counter. Tom, locked in a Hamlet pose with the skull, flash of light, the posse (including Lady Dragon!) were back home in 1874 Colorado, week’s travel from Silverhoof.

Or so they thought.

At this point, I put the badge back on, handed the former marshal Lady Dragon’s stats, notes on playstyle, and ran. He handed me his notes, including what the posse had scrounged up, including: Glass vial on a leather thong necklace (Bone of Saint Ezekiel Moreno, Patron Saint of Cancer Patients; Spirit +1) [Tom’s possession], and *drum roll*...

The Skull of Ronan Lynch (with a darn good reason for it being there).

The time spent in the future distorted their past. Two months in the future, two *years* back in Silverhoof. They left 1874, and came back 1876, and things had changed in surprising ways.

Part of my run at Hell on Earth for the posse, a long, long, long campaign idea. See, having read every Deadlands book put out to that point, I hit upon an interesting idea. The Reckoners were defeated, but they sent back in time Stone to correct that defeat. They had enough energy to do it *once*, and one time only. It worked, the future was changed from Reckoner defeat, to Hell on Earth (literally).

My idea, upon reading all the information I could get my hands on, ok, Reckoners cheated, changed the future to suit their needs, and the Apocalypse would come down the line. There was hope, the apocalypse would still happen, but if the posse had gathered specific items from Hell on Earth, they could lesson the apocalypse effect.

How? Reckoners cheated, yes, but they didn’t close *ALL* of the loopholes when they did. They didn’t change the past entirely. In both Weird West and Hell on Earth, some things were fixed events. Reverend Grimme’s defeat (occurred in *both* timelines), Skull of Ronan Lynch, the guns that killed Stone during the Battle of Gettysburg, Blood Skull locked in the Agency’s compound in Denver, and other things that remained the same, even with the cheating. Gather them all, and there would be one *hell* of a weapon to make the apocalypse kinder.

Edit 1: Forgot I promised to reveal the skeleton priests' fate. They were holy rollers, and then some. Betrayed, one of two last acts on their part. First, a deal struck with the other side. Their bodies would be gone, the skeletons 'possessed' by the clergy who died defending the Church, keeping watch on what remains (and in an effort to spit in evil's eye). It was agreed, the second act, that bolt of holy lightning that struck, sank the area, and killed Famine's horse.

Edit 2: I left out the fate of Gorazel and Atheron. Svetlana and Rocky, the former popping a gate to/from Junkyard, called up a pair of old friends. Derrick Holmes and said pair, gave no quarter, asked for none.

Said pair from her old posse, who vanished in 1880, only to find themselves in 2090. Lieutenant Elizabeth Francis Dowling (CSA, British soldier), and her girlfriend, Lieutenant Rose McGuire (Union Sniper), took The Prospector route (accidentally, actually thought to be dead, since how they got there was via mad science gear explosion), found themselves in Phoenix, survived to Junkyard, settled in. Between the four of them, there was nothing to come back as walkin’ dead.
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And as promised, Lady Dragon.

2094 Lady Dragon

Corporeal Traits: Deftness 3d8, Nimbleness, Quickness and Strength 3d10, Vigor 2d10.
Mental Traits: Cognition 3d10, Knowledge/Spirit 4d12, Smarts 3d12, Spirit 4d12, Mien 4d12+2.
Secondary Traits: Grit 2, 22 Wind.
Servitor Powers:
Bolts o’ Doom: In Lady Dragon’s case, this is an acid projected from her mouth that resembles a gas/liquid combination. Being pure spiritual energy, it bypasses all physical armor. Any of those killed by it, rise as a version of Toxic Zombies. Statistics: Shots 1, Speed 1, ROF 1, Range 10 (maximum of 20), Damage 4d8.
Immunity: All.
Regeneration: By spending an action and making a Fair (5) Vigor roll, Lady Dragon can regenerate her body. Each success she gets on the roll removes a wound.
Pheromones (Special): She can use her supernatural looks and charm, to convince folks to do things they normally wouldn’t. This requires a Mien vs. Spirit roll, with those receptive to a woman’s affections suffering a -2 penalty (those not receptive have a +2 bonus).
Horns (Treated as Talons 5): Damage for a head butt is equal to STR+2d8 (and even if she chooses not to use the horns in such a move, she suffers no damage from a head butt, one of her favorite moves). Cost: 5.. This was a Talons 1 mutation, enhanced by Atheron to Talons 5.
Hindrances: Servitor 0 (covers the cost of Immunity: All, Bolts o’ Doom, Regeneration, Claws), Big Britches 3, Bloodthirsty 2, Scary 2, Stubborn 2, Superstitious 2, Vengeful 3, Veteran o’ the Wasted West 0 (Regenerative capabilities of a lizard, always succeeds at her natural healing roll).
Hindrances (If she turns from Atheron): Accursed 5 (Draws only two chips per session), Damned 3 (Beneficial miracles won’t work on her), Night Terrors 5.
Nimbleness and Quickness drops to 3d8, Strength drops to 3d6, Vigor drops to 4d8, Mien drops to 4d8.
Edges: Warband 5 (1d6 members), Boxer’s Hands 3 (unarmed strikes inflict STR+1d6 damage), Brawler 1 (unarmed strikes gain a +4 to brawlin’ damage), Light Sleeper 1, Purty 1, Omega Woman 3, Ten spent on Aptitude points.
Scrutinize 3d10, Search 3d10, Trackin’ 3d10, Shootin’–Pistol 4d8,
Academia–Occult 3d12
Area Knowledge–Junkyard (2094) 2d12
Language 8 (Aramaic 2, Assyrian 2, Babylonian 2, Egyptian 2)
Overawe 3d12
Dodge 4d10
Drivin’–Motorcycle 5d10
Fightin’–Sword 5d10, Brawlin’ 5d10
Swimmin’ 1d10
Quick Draw–Sword 1d10
Bluff 2d12
Survival–The Great Maze 3d12
Faith–Mormon (2080) 1d12
Guts 5d12
Fightin’ Moves (Brawlin’): Block Punch, Groin Shot, Head Butt (her favorite), Kidney Punch, and Tiger Claws (Savage Worlds adaptation; Hit+Raise, STR in damage, TN 9 Vigor roll or suffer -4 penalty to all Fightin’ and Shootin’ rolls for the rest of the round)
Fightin’ Moves (Sword): All, but her specializations were Figure Eight, Reverse Thrust, Sweep, Spinning Reverse Thrust, Disarm.
Sword (DB +2, Spd 1, Dmg STR+2d8 [3d6+2d8], $100; +1 to all rolls)
2 .50 Semi-Automatic SA Officer’s Sidearm (Dmg 4d6; Shots 6, ROF 1, Range Increment 10, $100)
–Both loaded and spare magazine are extended (9 shots each)
–9 spare rounds ($18]
–Holster ($30), Brass Catcher ($10)
Knife (Defense Bonus +1, Speed 1, Damage STR+1d4, $10)
Boiled Leather Shirt & Pants (AV -4)
Pants, Homemade (-)
Shirt, Homemade (-)
Shoes, Homemade (-)
Socks & Boxers, Homemade (-)
Backpack ($30)
Canteen ($10)
Jerky ($27, 27 meals)
Duster ($100)
Bandana ($0.10)

Edit: Been a long while, I know. Life (or lack thereof), muse on vacation (the witch), but had to let those who read this old thread, Silverhoof's still kicking, I just have to sit down and dig out my notes as to what happens between this and the reappearance of Lady Dragon (best spending of a legend chip I know).

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