Silverhoof, Town and Current Posse Base (Classic)

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Re: Silverhoof, Town and Current Posse Base (Classic)

#21 Postby Yendorma » Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:34 pm

Been a long, long time, notes are scattered across numerous HDs, but I'll try to recall what I can of the next step.

The posse, back in Silverhoof 1876, shared a mix of emotions. Tom was happy, a peaceful, civilized time. Lady Dragon, pissed at the fact she's stuck in a backwater time with a shepherd (Tom).

Reggie, lost in a sacrifice (Hex blasted a maze dragon while in its' mouth), and his wife, Felicia, were in the Hunting Grounds, enjoying a little patch of space in a secure area.

Everyone else, hey, we're home!

With Felicia and Reggie being MIA, their players spun two other characters, whom I OKed. Janette (can't recall her real name), Reggie's sister, and the reason why Reggie came West. Seems she summoned something via hexing that slaughtered the family, the house, and he got the blame.

The player of Felicia created one little monster of havoc that proved to be...interesting, and a horrible influence on some of the townsfolk. Eleanor Whately, cousin to the Whately sisters (who moved to Silverhoof under a different name/ID, trying to evade their past/family). Seems Eleanor stole Grannie's book, tried to promote herself via matricide, failed, took off running with said book.

They arrived in Silverhoof, Janette wandering in, Eleanor choosing it as a place to stay for a while. Eleanor had the Whately sisters on edge, until she explained the situation, and each kept the other's identity secret. "Eleanor is our cousin from back east."

At this time, Tom, the sheriff once again, needed deputies to replace Felicia and Reggie. He made Janette a deputy, wisely didn't make Eleanor one, and they joined the side of good, for a while.

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