Deadlands Classic for Fantasy?

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Deadlands Classic for Fantasy?

#1 Postby AslanC » Sun Nov 06, 2016 11:31 am

So I was rereading Deadlands Classic PDFs last night, since I am starting a campaign on Monday evening, and it struck me, this might make a good fantasy system as well.

No I don't mean Savage Worlds, I mean the old Deadlands Classic engine.

Anyone ever done something like that?


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Re: Deadlands Classic for Fantasy?

#2 Postby ValhallaGH » Sun Nov 06, 2016 3:25 pm

I played in a one-shot of that once... I think. (Classic used for a fantasy game.)
It was a lot like playing a Templar (HOE) or an Old Ways brave.

It was brutal in a way I didn't see again until I looked at the Warhammer: Fantasy RPG.
60% of your work is figuring out gear stats and prices. We did Chainmail as a reversed Kevlar vest (AV 2 melee / AV 1 ranged), leather was light armor, and steel plate was ... AV 3 or 4? Sorry, been a while.
The remaining 40% is deciding what magic systems you want to have in the setting and generating the stats. :roll:

The major obstacle is players. You need a few to run it, and they have to be at least a little bit interested.
Good luck!
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Re: Deadlands Classic for Fantasy?

#3 Postby Waxahachie » Tue Nov 15, 2016 1:49 pm

My first RPG ever was a steampunk fantasy setting called Iron Kingdoms, but even though that was published for D&D 3.5, the GM ran it using the rules for Classic Deadlands. So Classic Deadlands was the first system I ever used, but I used it for a fantasy RPG. It worked very well for us, and we played that campaign for about two years or so. For that setting, it was particularly apt. Their "Arcane Backgrounds" matched up well with Deadlands. For their Arcane Mechaniks, we used Mad Scientist rules. We used Blessed rules for clergy of any fantasy religions in the setting. HOE Templar rules for Paladins. For Gun Mages, we used Hexslinger rules. And for regular old wizards, we used the Huckster rules. Granted, the flavor of the playing cards and poker chips don't exactly contribute in the same way, but they work mechanically.

So if you want to do it, it's workable. As Valhalla said, the players are going to be the main obstacle. You'll have to teach them a system that is generally out of print (yes, I know there's that anniversary edition, but there's also the 20 million supplements for all the Arcane Backgrounds and such).

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Re: Deadlands Classic for Fantasy?

#4 Postby SteelDraco » Tue Nov 15, 2016 7:14 pm

Not fantasy, but I played in a Firefly sci-fi game using the Deadlands Classic rules. It worked fine, though the GM had to make up a lot of the more sci-fi stuff.

You're going to have to rewrite a significant portion of the rules to port it over to a more generic fantasy game - a lot of the poker-related stuff would feel very out of place in a fantasy setting.

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Re: Deadlands Classic for Fantasy?

#5 Postby bigfirie » Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:50 am

I've been looking at the idea of running Deadlands Classic in a fantasy setting as well, but from a different approach. Deadlands Classic is brilliant as a western, even the way that the rules are written, so it would work best by preserving that feeling. I've been more looking at a western with fantasy races. The idea of the half orc riding into town with furs strapped across the back of his horse, stomping into the saloon and demanding a whiskey with his sharps rifle slung across his back as the elven gunfighter watched on suspiciously.

I'd probably still run some fantasy type trappings, like the larger settlements have a town/city watch and rangers (sort of a cross between the Aragorn and Texas type) who look out for trouble in the area around the settlement.

Elves in the forests, dwarves in the mountains, terrible horrors in the dark places. I'm not sure about using mad science or having that side of things even more magic based (using the same basic rules).

One of the ideas that I was toying with was the idea of having weapons like pistols and rifles that had arcane alloys woven through them and slots to attach charms that would empower the weapon in some way. As an example, a muffling charm that acts like a silencer for a pistol, but only in an enclosed space (so that dwarves can use guns in caverns without going deaf).

I know this could be done in Savage Worlds, but I do prefer the Deadlands classic rule set, especially with the anniversary edition coming out imminently.

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