Harrowed: Soul Flight + Posession vs Sleep

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Harrowed: Soul Flight + Posession vs Sleep

#1 Postby Tequila Jones » Sun Jan 22, 2017 2:22 pm

I was wondering how long these two harrowed powers last taking sleep into consideration.

1. Soul flight at max level allows you to fly "indefinitely".
2. Possession time also does not have a time limit.
3. So, for how long can somebody be possessed if the powers are maxed out?

In theory, a harrowed needs sleep to "shut down", which would imply terminating all concentration based powers. However, during harrowed's sleep, his manitous sends nightmares, which in turn implies that the manitous s active and in theory could fuels all the powers.

I'm thinking of an adventure based on a harrowed who is afraid to lose dominion to his manitou and soul flies / possesses an Indian shaman, whose soul got is trapped in the Hunting Grounds and his body is left vulnerable. In turn, the manitou takes control of the harrowed's body (as explained in the power description) and starts chasing the shaman. so, we have a situation when the feeling harrowed,s soul possesses the "empty" shaman's body and the chasing manitou in the harrowed's body.

all of that is consistent with the power description. However, for how long could it last? Wouldn't the obligatory sleep-like state of the harrowed break the possession? On the other hand, the soul is somewhere else and the soul flight has no limitation.

Curious of your opinions!

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Re: Harrowed: Soul Flight + Posession vs Sleep

#2 Postby dskod1 » Wed Feb 01, 2017 4:13 am

If you can't find a ruling on this at all... make it up. If you feel the powers are to OP then put some rolls in there to make it more difficult. Some I ideas I have are as followed

The player has to make an opposed spirit roll against the possessed every hour to continue to possess the person. If asleep the defender gets +2 on his rolls.
You could do the same thing for fly but use a roll relevant to the power. Then give him cumaltive -1 every hour until he fails the roll (if he wants to be flying constantly that long)

I made up the times and rolls on the spot, so do what you feel is best. That is how I would handle something like this. Remember, you are the Marshal, and you can make or break the rules as you require it. ;)

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Tequila Jones
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Re: Harrowed: Soul Flight + Posession vs Sleep

#3 Postby Tequila Jones » Sat Feb 04, 2017 9:53 am

Thanks for the reply!

Actually, I stopped paying attention to rules long time ago:)

was curious more about your opinions on logical and thematic aspect.

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Re: Harrowed: Soul Flight + Posession vs Sleep

#4 Postby ValhallaGH » Sat Feb 04, 2017 11:04 am

While a player would have a limited duration (that "sleep" time is mandatory; the manitou needs that down time to keep the body operating correctly), there is a lot of precedent in the setting for a particular (NPC) situation violating the rules in a minor way. Especially when that situation is creepy and evil. :evilbat:

Also, for DL:R version of Possession, it references the puppet power, which implies that the possession can end if the harrowed is damaged (see Disruption under Using Powers in Chapter 5 of the core rules). The arcane skill would be Spirit, since that's the Trait rolled for the edge.
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