LS: epilogue (spoilers)

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LS: epilogue (spoilers)

#1 Postby Jonah Hex » Wed Mar 01, 2017 3:35 pm

A few issues for me:

It's implied that the heroes can intervene at some point before the explosion kills everyone, including 4 rather important players in the weird west but that even if they stop the bad guys and prevent the explosion, fighting breaks out everywhere which seems contrived. At the very least the reps for the Union and Wasatch seem smarter than that if not the other two.

I understand the importance of Dodge, but winning this battle wins the Rail War doesn't compute. The rail war isn't just about Kansas, is it? Also, even the winning side is going to suffer huge losses. Enough that holding Kansas may be a problem, besides the fact that the locals themselves hold loyalties to either side.

Is there any canonical ending to the battle of Peacetown?
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Re: LS: epilogue (spoilers)

#2 Postby StalkThis » Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:20 pm

I asked a similar question awhile ago, and it's appropriate to note that the bomb merely reduces characters to 3 wounds and incapacitated, not necessarily dead.

I think it's less about who WINS the Rail War, and about who LOSES. Canonically, UB and DR are reduced enough to be bought out by Lone Star and the other one. Wasatch continues to be powerful enough to buy out Denver Pacific two years later. Black River is theo nly one whose fate is unclear, although I think by the end of the century they are fading away as Devlin buys up the various companies that will eventually become Pentacorp.

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