[Stone and a hard place] Starting plot point 2

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[Stone and a hard place] Starting plot point 2

#1 Postby ahoapap » Mon Apr 03, 2017 12:54 pm

I'm having a tough time figuring out a good segway into starting PP2. We've done Plot Point One and the Insect People... the party is currently half way through the poker tournament. They found the Ace trying to "Ace" the Lady Luck Society lady -- and shot him down in the street with a blown up roll, so I'm thinking of finishing up the tournament and then jumping into PP2 -- the problem is that Morgan Earp is currently at the Doc's with a gut wound he took during the Shootout at the OK Corral -- he's pivotal to the jump off of Plot Point 2.

Any suggestions?

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Re: [Stone and a hard place] Starting plot point 2

#2 Postby Erolat » Mon Apr 03, 2017 1:52 pm

Tell a story.

"After the tournament raps up you spend the next couple weeks chasing down leads about the Cowboys' raids on stagecoaches and cattle ranches. Though you do manage to pick up a few, between lack of witnesses and Bayou Vermilion sending their best lawyers, none spend much time in jail. Your frustration is starting to get really high when..."

This allows all the important people (PCs and NPCs) to be at full health when PP2 starts but does not take up much play time. It can also give the party a reason to want to dish out a little justice beyond Morgan.

Another option is to just run a one sheet or two. I am currently running my posse through Feast of Famine because the Earps heard about these weird deaths and asked them to go check it out. (One player is a Shaman so maybe she can sense any black magic.) I may run one more just to get a little more experience under their belts but have not decided.

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Re: [Stone and a hard place] Starting plot point 2

#3 Postby ValhallaGH » Mon Apr 03, 2017 1:56 pm

Go with a Savage Tale or other adventure to give them something to do while time passes. This has the added benefit of letting you set up (or discover) subplots and side stories that center on the characters and get the players interested. Such personal stories tend to be a lot more engaging and memorable than the main plot.

Declare that time passes and start the adventure after a few weeks, giving Morgan plenty of time to get back on his feet.
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Re: [Stone and a hard place] Starting plot point 2

#4 Postby Mavis » Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:14 am

I would suggest not jumping too quickly into Plot Point 2. As has been said by Erolat above, allow time for the influence of the Cowboys and their puppet masters, BV, to become more apparent and the PCs bond with the Earps to become closer, it will make the impact of PP2 all the greater when it does happen. We are now 40 sessions in and I still have not initiated PP2. As PP2 will move the action away from Tombstone it seemed to me to be a waste of the great material provided about Cochise County in the Stone and a Hard Place book.

Some ideas to fill the time. Maybe the PCs could take on Morgans stagecoach guarding duties whilst he is convalescing, and have the Cowboys attempt to rob the stage. Maybe their could be an NPC on the stage who can feed the PCs another plot hook.

Maybe the PCs could learn of a plan for the Cowboys to rob the bank in Redington and the PCs can set a trap for them.

Maybe the Weaver Spider Savage Tale in the Grim Prairie Tales book would fit well. Replace the outlaw gang in that with Cowboys.

Graveyard is a site of great potential for several sessions worth of material. In our campaign we have had recon missions, sneaking in aboard trains, a session of trainspotting and even the Weird Scientist Gadgeteering a geophysical survey device to map the underground layout of the place from above. They are planning a big raid and intend to enlist the help of the Earps and have asked Pennington-Smythe and Dillinger (from The Flood), who attended the Poker tournament, for assistance. Although the players don't know it yet, this assistance will be their Legendary characters who completed The Flood.

Collecting bounties on the outlaws listed in Stone and a Hard Place is also a good way to keep the PCs busy locally.

I have also added in a haunted Muleshoe Ranch, haunted by the ghosts of a snakeoil salesman serial killer who murders and buries his victims at the ranch and transposed the Wild Roses Savage Tale in The Last Sons to Albuquerque and made the vampire behind it a brothel owning crime lord.

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