DLR Session 2 play report - mashup DLR!

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DLR Session 2 play report - mashup DLR!

#1 Postby HawaiiSteveO » Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:59 am

Session 1 is here, I put in general SW instead of DLR here:


Father Sam, Doc Lightning, and Plays With Fire came across Dr Oswald Franklin buried up to his neck in the desert. Dr. Franklin had been out experimenting with his new camera design, and had been caught taking pictures by some very unhappy Comanche. The braves were ready to kill Dr. Franklin until there seemed to be a disagreement between them. The leader was able to communicate that he wanted Dr Franklin to take a picture of the whole band, then they wrecked the camera, took the photograph, and buried the hapless Doc in the ground and left.

Escorting the doc to the nearest town of Fairchild, the group spotted that they were being tailed by a group of Comanches. Sure enough, the natives attacked the group and everyone was surprised to see the natives were colorless like tintype photograph images. The Indian attack was not a serious one, and whatever the party tried it seemed to have no effect on the black & white war party. The braves themselves seemed ecstatic that they were resistant to attack and broke off the attack after touching the characters with bare hands . Dr. Franklin babbled on and ranted about "Psychosomatic aetheric waveform transference" and explained to the group the braves believed that the picture he took held their souls, so their bodies were impervious to damage.

En route to Fairchild, the group came across the native shaman Laughs At Darkness. He invited the group to spend the evening in his kiva lodge and participate in a vision quest. He seemed to be waiting for the group and knew quite a bit about them. The filled him in about the photograph and he told them he knew of Pale Moon, an evil and reckless warrior who was likely the leader of the war band that was encountered.

That evening, Laughs At Darkness told the group he had a vision from the nature spirit Tacheene that they were champions of the sun, and he was to help them on their quest to battle the evils of the dark times and the dark spirit of Ahpuch. After sharing a meal, Laughs covered the entrance to the lodge and scatted some strange powder into the fire and the group soon lost contact with the world in the dense & aromatic smoke and darkness of the lodge.

The visions were quick and strange, sounds and images that didn't appear connected or follow any particular pattern.

The group saw the image of natives, dancing around a fire, smoke, the creak of a rope, the sound of rocks falling, bottles banging together, a train in the distance then approaching and passing, water dripping, the image of a 2 headed snake, a ranch during a storm, a large figure from behind that slowly turned and seemed to have blue bloated skin, a man sitting in a rocking chair smoking a pipe, and a bowie knife.

The group awoke the next morning, Laughs At Darkness nowhere to be found.

Later that day they approached to town of Fairchild - on the outskirts of town they found a gallows with a dead sock-footed desperado swingin' from the rope, with a sign marked 'MURDERER' hanging around his neck.

Entering town, the group found it fearful with plenty of locked doors and suspicious faces peeing out of windows. They quickly learned that there had been a murder each night for the past week, and that many of the townsfolk believed the ghost of the executed man was taking his revenge on the town. The town marshall, a doughy incompetent Byron Pickens asked the group to look into the murders and deputized them.

The group did some looking around, finding tracks from one of the murder sites to a fence on the outskirts of town near a scare crow, and some dug up graves at the town cemetery on the church grounds.

That evening the trio patrolled the town and sure enough there was another murder - the group was able to spot the killer was none other than the town marshall. There was a chase from roof top to roof top, with the showdown on the roof of the general store across from the town saloon.

Marshall Pickens had been transformed, and was wearing a pair of overly large cowboy boots. He was almost almost unstoppable in combat, and slashed at the party repeatedly with a gigantic bowie knife. Doc Lighting suffered a serious and life threatening series of knife attacks and his right arm was damaged beyond repair. In the end the Plays With Fire was able to make the final tomahawk chop against the demonic marshall, and managed to put him down for good.

One of the trio is now officially the Marshall of the town with the other 2 as deputies. Doc's arm was cleaned and dressed down to a stump by the town sawbones and he's already looked into Smith & Robards company to order a custom fitted clockwork replacement, which is sure to cost a pretty penny.

Game notes:

- fun adventure, mashed up stuff from one sheet Soul Stealer Box, Coffin Rock, and Dead Man Walkin' from Saddle Sore.
- even though I had a cheat sheet of all relevant edges, it was tricky to keep track of all ELEVEN of them for possessed Marshall Pickens.
- only second adventure, but getting used to format. I'm still not 100% confident with timing - the looser adventure design is different than D&D which I am more used to. When we play D&D we usually run out of time, whereas with DLR we seem to have time left over. Still trying to figure that out.
- Some PC's feel sort of one trick pony-ish . . ? Doc Lightning in particular can do one thing and that's it. They are pregens though and I'm going to let them advance next time around.

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