Timeline and endurance run, plus Marshal screen help

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Timeline and endurance run, plus Marshal screen help

#1 Postby ivoryknight » Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:21 pm

So, I am going to start a Deadlands Classic game, from the first adventure in the Book o the dead, working my way through the adventures in the series of books up to the Reloaded series. I haven't found a good time line of events to keep track of that I can look at, nor have I found a good Classic revised style Marshal screen. Anyone willing to help with a link or something?

I'm trying to think of a good point to start this game, as most of the group are going to be very new to the system and RPGs in general.It would start in 76' as the original game started in, before Grimme's edict of '77 and many other points happened. So this would be a growing point for all of us to see the world organically change as we play through it, plus there will be plenty of n between games. I've got a good idea for a starting town that they are all a part of, then some bandit comes in and kills some people to get them moving on to the main story and getting them moving on cause I want this to be as normal as possible for a start. I.E very little supernatural as some people like to do, then turn up the heat and go from there.

But all in all I'm wondering if anyone has tried this, of course getting all the books was a hassle even with pdfs. I think i have all of them, I'm just wondering about timelines so I dont skip something, like a major plot point or something like that.

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